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Who Won Love Island USA 2019?

By: on August 7, 2019 |

After a short four and a half weeks, Love Island USA 2019 wraps its freshman season. Fans of the UK import don’t have to worry about the cancellation of CBS’s newest summer series, because it’ll be back for Love Island USA 2020 next summer, maybe with a few changes. For the last three days of […]

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Love Island USA 2019 Week 3 Recap: Heartbreak Island

By: on July 26, 2019 |

Another week down in Fiji as the islanders settle in, only for it to all disrupted. This is the way of Love Island. Just when islanders get comfortable, and think they know who they want, someone newer, prettier, and shiner gets thrown into the mix. This isn’t a problem if you’re sure about your mate […]

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Love Island USA 2019 Week 2 Recap: A Last Kiss Goodbye and a Big Brother Invasion

By: on July 19, 2019 |

It was an emotional week for the Love Island USA 2019 contestants as they had to say goodbye to a few of the original singles. There was plenty of tears to shed as the couples and singles have become attached to one another in their long week together. It was also a week full of […]

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Love Island USA 2019 Week 1 Recap: Bae Swap

By: on July 13, 2019 |

Officially, we have the launch of CBS’s take on Love Island. For the next four weeks, you’ll be watching people fall in and out of love while frolicking on the beaches of Fiji. As Big Brother fans, you may wonder: How does this show even appeal to me? Well we have answers. For those who […]

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Big Brother 21 and Love Island USA 2019 Cross-Promotion (VIDEOS and PICTURES)

By: on July 9, 2019 |

If you watch any CBS show, then you’ve probably seen at least a million ads promoting Love Island USA 2019. Clearly, CBS is trying hard to make Love Island USA just as huge as the UK original. One way, the network is trying to promote the new series is by comparing it to your favorite […]

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