Big Brother 23 Predictions: Will Brent Be Blindsided?

The third week Big Brother 23 eviction won’t be about who goes home, instead, it’ll be about whether we’ll see the first Big Brother 2021 blindside. As last night’s Big Brother 23 episode showed, Brent Champagne strongly believes that he will be safe this week. He knows that Head of Household Xavier Prather wants him out of the game. However, he thinks his position in the game is so good that Britini D’Angelo will be leaving the house instead. 

Big Brother 23 Brent Champagne Evicted

This is not the case. Instead, the whole Big Brother 23 house has been lying to Brent. He is very much their target and is going to leave the Big Brother game tonight. Brent has a one-way ticket far away from the BB house tonight. The only way for him to not be blindsided is if someone tells him before eviction.

The Big Brother 23 houseguests have agreed to not tell Brent that he’s going home. They want him completely blindsided when host Julie Chen-Moonves reads out the votes. It will be unanimous against Brent. However, some houseguests may go rogue and inform Brent that he’s going home before the eviction. 

This would kill the Big Brother 23 viewers’ fun but it would spare Brent from humiliation on national television, and possibly win the person who informs him points if Brent happens to return for a Battle Back. We know there won’t be a pre-jury Battle Back this year, but the houseguests don’t know that. We’ll have to wait until later today to see if Brent finds out his fate or has a “oh no” moment on tonight’s Big Brother 23 week 3 live eviction episode. 

Derek Fraiser basically ruined the blindside last night by telling Brent that he didn’t think he had the votes. However, Brent wasn’t buying what he was selling. He may start to believe he’s going home if more people tell him, so we shall see how it all plays out.

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