Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Amanda Claims Howard Said He Wanted to F*** Her

On the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds early this morning, a strange and indecipherable whispered exchange between Howard Overby and Amanda Gries led to quite a bit of freakish drama in the house. Despite strained attempts to understand what Howard told Amanda when he got way into her personal space, we still don’t know what he said for sure. Amanda, however, claims that Howard said something seriously shocking — and now she’s afraid of him because of it.

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All the drama started after Howard found Amanda in the kitchen alone at 5:10 PM BBT on Tuesday and basically pushed his body up against her while whispering in her ear with his hand around her back. No one, so far, has been able to figure out what he actually said. Whatever it was, he whispered it so quietly, the Big Brother Live Feeds cameras just couldn’t capture his words. Amanda’s response, at the time, was to laugh and say “thank you” — she doesn’t seem disturbed or upset at all.

However, not long after this exchange, Amanda goes around telling all her allies that Howard just told her he “wants to f**k the sh*t out of her” when they get out of the Big Brother 15 house. She said that it really creeped her out and she even went to production about it. Amanda said at one point that she thought Howard did it to distract from the massive blowup of Candice’s house meeting on Tuesday that put him and her in a negative light.

Early this morning, Amanda continued telling people about the alleged incident. She told Jessie that Howard scared her the way he came at her and with what he said. If Amanda is telling the truth, we can’t imagine what the hell Howard was thinking. If she’s not, what she is doing so far out of bounds, we honestly can’t believe anyone would be that horrible.

We’re betting the truth lies somewhere in between. Maybe Howard whispered to Amanda that he thought she was hot and she twisted it around to make him look scary and threatening. Whatever really did happen, we really wish Big Brother would invest in stronger mics at least so that next time the truth is on record for everyone to know.


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