Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Aaryn Bashes Candice For Being Adopted!

7-31-2013-09-21-17-AMThe Big Brother 2013 season has been full of hate-spewing of all varieties, from racist remarks to homophobic slurs. The Big Brother 15 cast seems bent on pissing off every category of viewer they can. In the latest example of totally ridiculous and offensive statements made by the HouseGuests on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we turn once again to Aaryn Gries. Yes, Aaryn is at it again, and this time she’s decided that the latest group she’s going to insult is [roll the dice] people who are adopted.

Wait, what?

No, seriously, she did. Aaryn may be one of the most ignorant human beings we’ve ever seen on Big Brother in the many, many… many seasons we have been watching. If it isn’t enough that she’s thrown out racist remarks, homophobic slurs, and called other HouseGuests the most foul things imaginable, Aaryn also seems to have something against adoption.

While listening to Aaryn almost continuously puke up insults about fellow HouseGuest Candice Stewart all Thursday night and into Friday morning, she gave us more than one jaw-dropping statement that made us cringe. One of the most disgustingly stupid, however, was her comment that Candice “wasn’t raised, she was adopted” and that means she “didn’t have a normal family!”

Because, in Aaryn’s world, you can’t possibly have a “normal family” if the child in question is adopted, right? And if you are adopted, Aaryn is basically implying that you can’t be “raised” right like someone with non-adoptive parents.

We’re sure the publicist Aaryn’s family hired to deal with the huge backlash over her racist and homophobic commentary in the house is really loving this new item to add to his laundry list of things he is going to have to figure out how to spin when she gets out.

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