Who Was Nominated For Eviction on Big Brother? 8/14/2015

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 17 in week 8? After a dramatic Double Eviction last night, the list of potential targets shrank dramatically. The new Head of Household had very little choice in which Houseguests they had to put up in order to keep all their allies happy.


Once the second Head of Household Competition last night was over and we learned the winner, it was not hard to figure out who would go on the block. The big question left is which one of them will actually be the main target for eviction as the Houseguests involved are having a lot of debate over that. Or if maybe there might be another ‘backdoor’ possibility on the way…

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

Even though Liz may have been the surprise winner of the second Head of Household Competition on Thursday night, it’s really Austin who is mostly holding the reins. Austin and the twins together have a very short list of ‘enemies’ they can target without pissing off their ‘friendlies’.

Big Brother Live Feeds 2

Right now, all three of them seem totally unwilling to directly go after Vanessa, even though everyone at this point knows she’s a manipulative and dangerous game player (or at least we hope so). Plus, they think they can still use Vanessa to move their own games forward, at least for now.

The Austwins have already promised safety, for the moment, to the Goblins (now just Meg and James). So they aren’t going to go up. That pretty much just leaves us with Steve, John, and Becky. Austin still considers Steve someone that can be used for his vote, so no point in putting him up.

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So the obvious Eviction Nominees this week were Becky and John. We were almost totally certain from what we’ve been hearing on the Big Brother Live Feeds that these two would go up on the block this afternoon.

When the Live Feeds came back after the break for the Nomination Ceremony, our prediction proved correct. John and Becky were put up by Liz as the nominees.

The question now becomes, which of the two will end up being the real target this week? Vanessa, of course, will urge her allies to go after Becky because Becky went after her and nearly succeeded in getting her evicted. However, Becky is not going to take that lying down.

Late last night, Becky had a most delightful conversation with the Austins about Vanessa. She spilled a lot of insider info to them about Vanessa’s game play. One of the tidbits she revealed was that Vanessa had planned with Jackie to have James through the Battle of the Block when they were HoH so she wouldn’t have to get blood on her hands that week. This would have left Austin and Liz on the block. They are none too happy about hearing that.

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The conversation with Becky led to a discussion between Austin and the twins about whether or not it might be better to keep Becky in the game. They think she will go after Vanessa, which means they wouldn’t be her targets, and if she did get Vanessa out, well, it wouldn’t be blood on their hands, right? So no bitter Vanessa in Jury against them.

That would put Johnny Mac in the target line, and unless he wins Power of Veto yet again, probably the most likely to go home. Even if Becky won PoV and came down, the Replacement Nominee would most likely be James or Meg. Against either of them, Johnny Mac would probably lose out.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (2)

UPDATE – This morning, Becky had another conversation with the Austins that has now led to Vanessa being considered a ‘backdoor’ option depending on how she behaves the next few days. Whee!

If that doesn’t happen, it isn’t looking good for Johnny Mac. Apparently Vanessa told the Austwins that John had made a threat to go after them. Plus, Becky has been hand-feeding the Austwins tasty information about Vanessa, so she’s been getting on their good side. And, John had a little fight with Vanessa earlier today where he accused her of lying. So all together not so good for the Rock Star Dentist.

* Steve, John, and Vanessa are Have-Nots for the week.

We’ll update you right here with the ‘official’ Nomination Ceremony results as soon as the spoilers are out on the Live Feeds.

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