Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Week 5 Tuesday Highlights

The drama was boiling over with the Big Brother 15 cast on Tuesday with arguments, confrontations and catfights popping up everywhere in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers from the Live Feeds. Judd and Andy got into it. Spencer and Amanda went at it hardcore. Helen and Judd had a bit of a tif. Aaryn and Amanda had their own mini-meltdown. Judd and Jessie got pissy with each other. Even McCrae was not feeling too happy about his showmance cuddle buddy Amanda. Several HouseGuests ended up in tears and Candice fanned the flames to new heights by calling a house meeting to confront Spencer about his lies and trying to flip the vote against her — in front of everyone.


WARNING: This post includes Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play, competition results, alliances and other behind-the-scenes information from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network show. You have been warned!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Tuesday Morning Highlights Report — July 29, 2013

7-31-2013 08-51-52 AM8:28 AM BBT: GinaMarie started off her day by gulping down Sprite from the bottle in the kitchen, a blatant violation of the Have Not rules. She gets punished for this later, which we appreciate. Sometimes production lets the Have Nots get away with that kind of sh*t and we hate that.

10:25 AM BBT: Andy and Judd are talking about the eviction on Thursday and when they should tell Howard he will be headed out the door. Andy thinks they should tell him just before the vote. (Although we’ve heard from several HouseGuests that the rules say they can’t tell a player directly that ‘you are being evicted’.) Judd is afraid that Spencer might have some kind of special power tucked away and that if they tell Howard he is definitely out, Spencer might use it against them. The conversation gets a little heated and snarky with Judd kind of beating on Andy a bit verbally. Helen comes out and breaks one of the awnings trying to put it down and forces the HGs into a temporary lockdown while production fixes it.

11:40 AM BBT: Helen and Judd have their own little unpleasant conversation when she confronts him about why he was mad at her a couple of days back. He tells her he wasn’t mad, just frustrated that he thought she was being taken in by Howard’s sob story. Judd tells Helen that he wants to see Candice evicted before they get to Jury and even before they get Spencer out. Helen counters that she wants Elissa to be evicted sooner rather than later because she is bad for her game.

7-31-2013 08-59-02 AM12:30 PM BBT: Amanda and Spencer get into a nasty little b*tchfest in the backyard. Amanda goes after Spencer, asking him if the deal between her, McCrae, Howard and Spencer was ever actually real. He says it was but Howard isn’t included anymore. She says the “proof is in the pudding” whether he is lying or not. He gets pissy about that, saying that part of the reason he is on the block is because of her and “that’s just fine pudding.” Amanda tells Spencer she was not involved in Helen making the deal with Aaryn about her HoH nominations and putting him up on the block. He does not believe that at all. Amanda tells him that he was never the target this week but he counters that McCrae told him directly that if he didn’t win the Veto Competiton, he was going home. Things get way more fun from there and escalate to yelling and name-calling, including Spencer calling Amanda a “punk ass bitch” who threatens everyone to make them do her bidding. Rewind your Big Brother Live Feeds back to 12:28 PM BBT to watch all the juicy details.

Eventually the argument between Spencer and Amanda calms down a bit (but doesn’t stop), partially because Helen goes to get McCrae, although he doesn’t get in the middle. Judd and Elissa also join them. Helen and Amanda tell Spencer that if he will vote their way to get Howard out, they can work with him. Spencer says that he thinks Elissa is still the Big Brother Most Valuable Player and she nominated herself and then Amanda to make people think it wasn’t her. He says he knows for certain that Howard is not the MVP.

7-31-2013 08-59-32 AMAmanda and Spencer continue to go back and forth for over an hour. Amanda says she thinks he is trying to flip the vote against her. He says he is trying to flip the vote to get out Candice, not her. Amanda clearly wants to rip Spencer’s head from his body and stomp on it.

2:00 PM BBT: Andy, Helen and Amanda talk about Judd again and their suspicions that he has turned shady on them and is working to try to get Amanda out this week instead of Howard. (He isn’t!)

2:05 PM BBT: Helen informs Candice that Spencer is working hard to get her evicted this week instead of Howard. Meanwhile, Amanda is losing it all over the place and tells Elissa she believes there is a secret alliance trying to get her evicted.

2:10 PM BBT: Andy goes off about Judd being b*tchy with him earlier in the day. This is getting sad actually because Judd has really done nothing seriously to deserve his allies turning against him and basically making him look like a bad guy. Judd has been solid but it seeems Andy, Amanda and Helen are all now convinced he is betraying them and they are bashing him all around.

7-31-2013 09-04-31 AM2:55 PM BBT: Candice calls a house meeting and goes for Spencer’s throat about him campaigning to get her evicted this week instead of Howard. She yells at him and bashes him and brings other HGs’ names into it as well, like saying that Spencer said he wanted Amanda to choke and die. He denies saying all the stuff she is accusing him of. Howard gets in the middle of it and says he doesn’t want to play the game like this and he’d rather just be voted out. Howard says a handful of HGs are running everything. Then Amanda jumps in and says that Howard is a liar and using Candice and called Candice a “cancer on his game.” He gets defensive and she goes after him again and bashes Howard and Spencer for trying to flip the vote to get her evicted. Candice says that Spencer told her she should go talk to Helen and try to get the vote flipped against Amanda. There is a lot, lot, lot more and well worth a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds to truly enjoy the madness.

4:45 PM BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that she thinks Judd is trying to get her evicted. Aaryn enables her paranoia by agreeing with her.

7-31-2013 09-06-21 AM5:10 PM BBT: Howard whispers something we can’t hear to Amanda. She laughs and says “thank you” and then runs off to tell Judd and Andy that Howard just told her that when they get out of the house he “wants to f**k the sh*t out of her.” If that is true, that is just creepy. Amanda says it freaked her out and she wants to go to production about it. She thinks Howard is trying to derail things by saying that and take the focus off all the crap from Candice’s house meeting. Amanda does go to production and she also tells Elissa, Helen and McCrae but doesn’t want Candice to know. Meanwhile, we have bikini time with Elissa and Helen. No matter what you think of Elissa, she’s got a hella of a hot bod.

5:15 PM BBT: Spencer and Andy do a lot of game talk whispering. Spencer says he isn’t mad if Andy went to the others about the plan to get Candice out. Andy says he thinks Candice was the one who said something.

6:10 PM BBT: Aaryn kind of flirts with Judd a bit, snuggling up to him and rubbing him in the Head of Household bed. Andy teases GinaMarie about her farting all the time. GinaMarie and Aaryn smack talk with Andy and Judd.

7-31-2013-09-18-11-AM6:15 PM BBT: Andy and Helen continue the Judd bashing, talking about whether or not he is trying to flip the vote in the house. Poor Judd. Andy says that if this week is a double eviction, he will put up Judd. They are both smack talking Judd and telling each other things that make him look bad that are blatant lies. Helen says during this conversation that “Elissa will do whatever I tell her” like she owns the girl.

7:00 PM BBT: Aaryn and GinaMarie are at the forefront of another smack talk session with Judd about Candice and whether or not there are enough votes to get her evicted this week. Spencer says he is going to vote against Candice because he doesn’t want to be a vote for Howard to go. He wonders if someone will vote against Amanda and blame it on him. He says he is pissed off that Howard didn’t stick up for him in the house meeting. Aaryn says Howard is not a man and he should have told Candice to stop but he wants Spencer to be the target instead of him.

8:15 PM BBT: Amanda and Aaryn get into it about Aaryn’s alleged racist remarks. Aaryn believes Candice duped Amanda into thinking she was a racist. Amanda says Aaryn did a good job of doing that all by herself.

8:35 PM BBT: McCrae is not pleased with the way Amanda has been talking to other people, like Aaryn, and it is bad for their game. He tells her she needs to chill out and back off. She is not happy about him chastising her.

8:40 PM BBT: McCrae tells Andy that he is pissed off about how Amanda is acting with people and talking to them, like she just behaved with Aaryn.

9:00 PM BBT: Aaryn cries about Candice and how much of a b*tch she thinks Candice is and how unfair it is that people are being friendly with Candice. Candice, Candice, Candice! Aaryn is obsessed.

7-31-2013-09-22-46-AM9:40 PM BBT: Jessie has her own crying session with Helen about being alone and being in the house so long and everything being so stressful.

10:15 PM BBT: Aaryn, Helen, GinaMarie, Jessie and Elissa talk about the house meeting and Spencer allegedly saying that bit about how Amanda should choke to death. Helen and Elissa leave. Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn smack talk about Candice again and think about how they can get the votes to get her out. Jessie says all they need is three votes and then Aaryn could be the tie breaker vote to evict her.

10:35 PM BBT: Helen tells Elissa she needs to stay cool and trust her and Andy if it comes to a double eviction this week. She wants Elissa to just go with whatever they say without any questions.

10:55 PM BBT: Candice tells Helen and Elissa that she thinks the eviction vote this week may come down to a tie breaker and if that happens, Aaryn will certainly evict her instead of Howard. Helen is totally wild about this and says she will put a stop to that (like she is the ruler of everything) and she goes off to work the troops.

11:05 PM BBT: Helen talks to Andy about the possibility that half the house is going to vote against Candice and the possibility that Aaryn will break with them and evict her instead of Howard in a tie breaker. Andy thinks that has to be a lie. She is convinced that her new enemy number one, Judd, is somehow in the middle of all this. (He isn’t! What is with the Judd hate!) Amanda, Helen and Elissa join and talk about this alleged plan. Amanda swears she will get Aaryn to vote against Howard if there is a tie breaker situation.

7-31-2013-09-28-27-AM11:20 PM BBT: Elissa, Helen, Candice, Andy talk more about the alleged plan to get Candice out.

11:45 PM BBT: Judd, Jessie and Andy talk game. Andy says he would have taken Spencer and Howard to the end but all they did was lie to him the first two weeks and he could never trust them again. But Jessie and Judd have never done anything to wrong him, so he can trust them.

11:50 PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Amanda that Candice is making sh*t up about this whole alleged plan to flip the vote to get her out and have Aaryn cast the tie breaker vote. GinaMarie, Aaryn and Amanda bash Candice. Andy keeps trying to interrupt to talk game but they keep talking over him. There is a lot of talking over other people but at one point Andy says he would put up Candice and Spencer if he got HoH.

12:15 AM BBT: Amanda is continuing to push about Howard’s alleged comment to her earlier in the day and how she feels unsafe with him in the house. Meanwhile, Judd and Helen talk again. Helen says that when people tell her about this scenario to get Candice out instead of Howard, that bothers her. Judd says that Howard would gun for him if he stays and that he cannot stand him. He says Helen does not need to worry about this stuff. Helen says she just wants to check in to make sure everything is fine. They talk a lot about who has said what and why.

7-31-2013-09-40-21-AM1:00 AM BBT: Elissa says she is still concerned about Aaryn but Helen says she doesn’t need to be worried. They talk about a lockdown starting at 5 AM, which we hope means an awesome outdoor building session that will result in an endurance competition for Head of Household this week.

2:05 AM BBT: Amanda works Jessie to vote to evict Howard this week and they will get Candice out later. Amanda is being very bossy with Jessie and kind of pushing her around like a bully.

3:10 PM BBT: Helen and Aaryn talk about the house meeting and Helen says she didn’t like how he said they were all selling themselves out for the money. Aaryn says that if Howard came to play kumbaya, he came to the wrong place.

3:15 AM BBT: Amanda and Aaryn talk about how Candice made herself look bad with her house meeting earlier in the day.

7-31-2013-09-45-25-AM3:35 AM BBT: Jessie, Judd Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and GinaMarie all get into kind of a heated conversation about Candice and go back and forth. There is a lot of talk about Candice possibly overhearing a conversation about people wanting her out. They go back and forth about the whole rumored plan to flip the house to get Candice out instead of Howard. Aaryn says the thought of having Candice be in the house another hour makes her sick.

The talk goes on for quite some time, Jessie leaves and Judd goes in and out, and we have to listen in to quite a bit of drama, b*tching, smack talk and a ton of Howard and Candice bashing. GinaMarie calls Candice a “fat b*tch” again after a whole discussion about teasing her about her weight. Aaryn calls Candice a “dumb b*tch” and a “crazy b*tch” and etc. etc. etc. It’s worth a rewind to listen in.

4:15 AM BBT: Andy goes after McCrae about them needing to get Judd out soon.

4:25 AM BBT: Aaryn is busy going after someone too… Judd. She apparently meant it when she told Amanda the other day that she wanted to hook up with Judd, because she is working it something fierce. But it is attraction? Or strategy? (Check out more details on the Aaryn/Judd seduction dance here.)

5:00 AM BBT: The HouseGuests are now on indoor lockdown until Thursday night, which means we probably are going to get an endurance competition at last this week. Woohoo!

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