Who Won Part 2 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/22/18)?

Currently, Tyler Crispen is the only player guaranteed to compete in part three of the finale Head of Household competition. JC Mounduix and Kaycee Clark still need their place in the finals. Originally, Tyler and Kaycee discussed Tyler throwing her the win so that they made their odds of making to the final two together greater.

Big Brother 20 final 3

Tyler claimed that he planned to throw her the win, but we won’t know the truth until Sunday’s Big Brother 20 episode.JC needs this win a little more than Kaycee, becayse Kaycee and Tyler’s final two deal seems to be a real thing. This means if Tyler or Kaycee win the competition, JC gets cut at final three.

JC winning it would mean the end of Kaycee’s game. It’s a very important win that they both need. Per usual, the second part of the three part Head of Household competition usually combines a bit of physical with days memory. JC won one competition this season, and it involved remembering what the previous houseguests said.

Most of Kaycee’s competitions have been physical, but a few have involved a mental component. It could have been anyone’s win. So who won part 2 of the final Big Brother 20 Head of Household? Read below to find out.



Kaycee won the second part of the final Head of Household. Tyler and her face off on finale night.

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