Big Brother 17 Alliances: Who Has The Power? – 7/10/2015

Big Brother 17 has been the season of out of control alliances and deal-making. We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t be shocked if this year might break some kind of record for ‘deals’ made between the Houseguests. As it stands right now, we’re just flabbergasted by how many current alliances, deals, and ‘have each other’s back’ commitments the Big Brother 2015 cast are swimming in.

Big Brother 17 Alliances Chart July 10 2015
Big Brother 17 Alliance Chart 6-30-2015 ( courtesy of @89razorskate20 )

Of course, this is nothing compared to how it was just even a week ago, when it seemed that every single Houseguests was in five different alliances and had deals with half the other cast members. The awesome alliance chart above, nicely shared with us by @89razorskate20, is actually way less crazy than it has been. If you can believe that!

The real power in the house right now, of course, lies in the hands of the ‘Sleeper Cell’ alliance of Shelli, Clay, current Head of Household Vanessa, and Austin. Audrey thinks she’s also a member of Sleeper Cell, but she’s actually just a hanger-on that could end up being their target at any moment. The other members of the alliance are just keeping her around for now for her vote and to use her however they can.

Sleeper Cell plus Liz and Julia make up ‘The Sixth Sense’, which has the most members of any current alliance in the house. That means they hold sway over the biggest voting block. Especially since Vanessa, Austin, and Jul/Liz are also bunked up with Steve in ‘Freaks & Geeks’. Thus Austin and Vanesa have some power over Steve’s vote as well.

Meanwhile, Clay and Shelli from ‘Sleeper Cell’ are also shacking up with Jeff, Jackie, and John from what we would call the ‘other side’ of the house. So they’ve got their little claws into practically every major alliance. That gives them a lot of opportunity to manipulate voting their way. However, it also means they have a lot more chances of screwing themselves up by sharing the wrong info with the wrong people.

Big Brother 17 Episode 1 7

The ‘other side’ of the house also has the ‘After Dark Crew’ of James, Jeff, Jason, and Meg. The problem with this alliance is that it’s made pretty much entirely of targets and potential pawns. Unless they can carve out a more powerful place in the game, all of these Houseguests (except Meg) have giant targets on their backs. Meg, on the other hand, is one big flashing sign saying “pawn” because no one wants to vote her out right now.

Everyone has someone in the game for some kind of final two or ‘I’ve got your back’ deal going on. Everyone, that is, except Audrey. Even her closest former allies, Shelli and Clay, don’t have her back anymore. Although so far they’ve kept her from ending up on the block this week, they don’t trust her and they are mainly keeping her around as a big target they can shield under.

So who has the power this week? Well, with Vanessa as the Head of Household and Austin currently thrilled with her eviction plans, we have to give the ‘Sleeper Cell’ alliance the top spot. Especially since Clay and Shelli have also managed to keep adjunct Audrey off the block despite her being a huge target no one likes. Plus, no one is really targeting either of them right now, even though they are in a showmance and obviously hold a lot of power in the house. Nice job all around to Sleeper Cell.

Vanessa Cards

In a way it’s actually good for us, as the fans, to have the house full of all these chaotic alliances. When the Houseguests break down to just one or two major alliances, it starts to get a bit boring. Especially if one of those alliances ends up with a strong majority in the vote and they actually stay loyal. When that happens, we end up with one group taking over all the power week after week, and it’s just not nearly as much fun to watch!


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