Big Brother Spoilers: House Vote Flip Throws Eviction Into Chaos!

We have HUGE Big Brother 2014 spoilers from the Live Feeds! A major house flip has thrown Thursday night’s eviction into chaos. What seemed like an absolute, guaranteed eviction this week has been turned totally around. Throw out all the eviction predictions this week, we’ve got a revolt in the Big Brother 16 house!

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

After the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony this past weekend, it looked like curtains for Zach on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Sole remaining Head of Household Nicole wanted him out. His own alliance members were plotting against him behind his back. Even Frankie, his BFF and favorite cuddle buddy, was on board to stab Zach in the back on eviction night.

Fast forward to Wednesday night just after 9PM BBT on the Live Feeds. Caleb once again ponders the question of whether or not getting rid of Zach is a good idea. Let’s remember that Caleb still actually thinks The Bomb Squad is a thing, even though it actually died quite a while back with all his former allies making new alliances unbeknownst to him.

Caleb tells Frankie that he is worried that getting rid of Zach will hurt their voting numbers and potentially put them at risk. He actually has a point, although it’s more of a concern about the numbers for The Detonators alliance, but he doesn’t know about them. Caleb tells Frankie that Zach may be a wild card and a loose cannon, but they kind of know him and he is a vote for their side right now. Jocasta, on the other hand, is totally unpredictable and they don’t know where her vote is going to go. Plus, they can’t trust that Christine would vote to keep one of them if they were up against Nicole on the block. Then the other side of the house would have more numbers than them.

Meanwhile, Zach — who still thinks he is safe but is nervous — is telling Nicole she is definitely not a target for him right now. Zach tells Nicole that in all seriousness, he is not going home this week. He claims that he threw the HoH Competition because he was pretty sure he would be fine. He says “you’re welcome” for him throwing the HoH Competition to her. She is like whatever, you did not. He promises that when he wins the next HoH, he won’t put Nicole up. And he’s not saying that he thinks he is in danger of going home, he knows he has the votes to stay.

Just after 10PM BBT on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Derrick talks to Cody about the Zach vote. Derrick says they can float this week and vote him out, call a Detonators meeting and get all the lies and deals out in the open, or — although he actually fails to get to his third point — keep Zach.

Derrick says that Frankie is going to vote against Zach to get on Haycole’s goodside. However, they know that Hayden and Nicole wanted to backdoor Frankie this week and will again if they get the chance. They could expose that information to Frankie. Nicole wants Zach out, but why should they go along with that when it might be bad for their game? Finally it seems that some of The Detonators are realizing that ditching their own alliance member is not the wisest idea at this point in the game.

Moving along to 10:25 PM BBT and Cody organizes a meeting with Frankie and Christine. He tells them that if Christine had used the Power of Veto, Nicole would have put Frankie on the block to backdoor him. Christine acts shocked and Frankie is shocked over the deception. They all agree that they should defy Nicole’s wishes and keep Zach in the game. Frankie is seriously pissed and says this will make him crazy to go after Haycole. Frankie says they should blindside Hayden and Nicole since they have the votes to do it with The Detonators and Caleb on board.

Derrick comes in and it’s a madhouse as everyone talks about flipping the vote to save the Zach Attack. Zach is officially now safe from eviction as long as the guys and Christine stick to the new plan. Hayden and Nicole now have The Detonators ranged against them right before a Double Eviction episode.

Flash forward to the wee hours of Thursday morning just after 2:20 AM. Frankie and Caleb spill the news to Zach. Frankietells Zach that Hayden and Nicole have been pushing hard to get him evicted. Naturally, Frankie does not tell Caleb about how deeply involved his own allies were in that whole plan.

Derrick comes in and they all tell Zach that he is safe, they have the votes, and they are going to nuke the rest of the house as a team. They are going to go after Nicole, Hayde, and Donny. We hope they will save Donny for last because we don’t want to lose our other favorite entertaining player too fast because they kept Zach!

We can’t believe all the wild stuff from last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds and that we’ve had a totally unexpected and unpredictable house vote flip. THIS is why we love this crazy show!

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