Big Brother 21 Cast-First Impressions of the Men

We’ve finally had the Big Brother 21 cast reveal on Monday! Time to start breaking down each Big Brother houseguests and making predictions based on just a few minutes of interviews.

Big Brother 21 Cast-The Men

Hey, it’s not a science but I’m going to try my best. Let’s take a closer look into the eight men that are going to be a part of Big Brother 21.

Cliff Hogg III 

Big Brother 21 Cliff Hogg III

I wish I had higher hopes for Cliff because he is a fan and knows the game well, but I worry that he’ll fall into the trap that Steve Arienta and Glenn Garcia fell into. Perhaps he can fly beneath the radar if a few other houseguests put targets on their backs, but I am worried for him just in terms of fitting in. For whatever reason, the dad role isn’t one people take so kindly too. They often fall by the wayside. Even if he manages to escape the first few evictions, I’m still not sure he’s quite ready for what he’s in for. But knowing he is such a big Big Brother fan, I’m holding onto hope.

David Alexander

Big Brother 21 Cast David Alexander

David seems like a decent guy, but that’s all I’ve really got. I don’t see him really getting into any confrontations or really bringing the entertainment this summer. He admits he’s a very new fan of Big Brother and while I think he could coast for a while on being a likable guy, I don’t think he really has a shot to go deep and win this thing. I could see him getting into a showmance possibly and that’s as much potential as I’m currently seeing. He was just sort of boring other than being able to cry on queue.

Jack Matthews

Big Brother 21 Cast Jack Matthews

He comes across affable enough with a bit of a quirky edge, but much like David, he’s hardly a fan of the show, and he’s going to need to learn the game quickly. I don’t see him necessarily becoming a target but he just doesn’t seem all that invested or on top of things. He’ll need to buddy up with some people that really know the game if he wants a chance to stick around for a while and make a real dent in the game, or a showmance with a savvy woman, which is perhaps the more likely option.

Jackson Michie 

Big Brother 21 Cast Jackson Michie

He seems like a nice enough guy, but he definitely has that same intensity that Winston Hines had last summer. In his Ika Wong interview, he admitted that he was intense. He’s going to need to tone that down if he wants to do better than Winston did. He also didn’t seem to understand a lot of Jeff Schroeder‘s jokes, which is baffling because they aren’t exactly hard to decipher. I really cannot tell if he’s going to go the Winston route or if he’ll vibe really well with the Big Brother 21 house. I totally agree with him on his thoughts about social media and his gratitude for being a part of Big Brother, but that’s sort of it. If he’s more relaxed and perhaps in a showmance, I think he stands a decent shot, but he was a bit too heavy on the loyalty front for my liking.

Nick Maccarone 

Big Brother 21 Cast Nick Maccarone

There was a bit of awkward energy to him at times and I think his Jersey personality may be a little abrasive at times.(That said, there’s a good number of New York/New Jersey people in the house, which could be a bonding tool.) I think his career as a mental health professional may be helpful, but there is something off that I cannot really get a handle on. I think he has his head in the Big Brother 21 game for the most part, but for some reason, I’m just not sure that I can see him dominating the game, despite having everything good on paper. He just comes off a bit sketchy and I worry the houseguests may feel that way too.

Ovi Kabir

Big Brother 21 Cast Ovi Kabir

I think Ovi could do well, but I have major reservations. I think if you look at this cast, he and Nicole Anthony stand out as the potential superfans. I know he plans to mask it, but I think people are going to know he was cast as a fan of the show. Hopefully he can win people over with his personality, because he is a fan and is motivated to win. If he falls in with the right alliance, I think he could have a potentially Ian Terry-like trajectory.

Sam Smith

Big Brother 21 Cast Sam Smith

There’s something really fun about Sam, maybe it’s the way her talks or that goofy smile, but I like what I see. He’s the jovial non-threatening dad, and if he can slide into that role and perhaps get in with some of the guys, I think he may do really well. It’s hard to say how hot he’s going to go into the Big Brother 21 game, and how the others are going to react to his big personality, but the rest of them are hardly wallflowers. I really appreciate his dedication to winning the money for his family at any cost. I hope he sticks to that.

Tommy Bracco

Big Brother 21 Tommy Bracco

By far, Tommy was one of the most magnetic and fun personalities to come across during the course of the interviews Monday. He has a lot of experiences he can equate to Big Brother. He is incredibly enchanting with his smile and energy. He’s going to be fun feeds and television for sure, though I really cannot gauge how he’s going to do in the game. I certainly can see him being a favorite in terms of social status in the house, but I cannot say how he’s going to do strategically, so we shall see.

What do you think of the Big Brother 21 men? Who do you love? Who do you not like? Do you agree with our assessments of them? Let us know!

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