Big Brother 21 Spoilers: All the Possible Cast Connections That We Know So Far

Something strange is going on in the Big Brother 21 world. From the introduction of the Big Brother 21 cast, fans have started to notice connections between a few of them. This has sent the conspiracy department of the Big Brother fandom on a rampage. Now everyone has been wondering: could this be a Big Brother pairs season?

Back in the earlier seasons of Big Brother having some form of pairs combination was a norm. Big Brother 4 had exes, Big Brother 5 had project DNA, which involved secret twins and two players who didn’t know they were siblings. Then Big Brother 6 included an entire house that thought that they were the only pairs, and let us not forget Big Brother 8 which involved rivals.

Since Big Brother 8, the show has seem to stepped away from those type of twists, and made more competition or voting based ones. However, Big Brother 17 surprised many with the return of the twin twist, which Big Brother fans caught on to pretty fast. Now the Big Brother detectives of the 21st season might have spoiled another twist.

Hamsterwatch was the first to let fans in on that Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy know each other. And not in a casual way, like they only met once. They were important figures in each other’s lives as Christie used to date Tommy’s aunt.

Then Rob Has a Podcast Live Feeds Correspondent Brent Wolgamott revealed that Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn know each other. Fans then confirmed this by checking that they are indeed Facebook friends. They most likely know each other from being on the pageant circuit.

This additional information made fans dig even harder for information. They then discovered that Ovi Kabir and Jackson Michie attended the same college, and only a couple grades apart. They also both were in fraternities, not the same one, and shared a major. It’s likely that they at least passed each other once or twice throughout their college experience. Speaking of college, Isabella Wang and Kemi Faknule both also went to the same university. They are also a few grades apart, but there is a chance they could have met once or twice.

David Alexander and Jack Matthews are both photographers,. So there is a chance that they may have met once or twice. Also Jessica Milagros is a plus-size model. She could have met one or both of them throughout her career. And to add further suspicion, Jack and Jessica are both originally from Chicago.

This could all just be the universe putting people in the same orbit and casting not doing thorough research, or it could be that this season will see the return of some form of pair combination, whether secret, rivals, or some new form of the twist.

What do you think of the possible Big Brother 21 pairs twist? Is this this season’s twist or just a cosmic coincident?

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