Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Annie Whittington

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Annie Whittington

Annie Whittington - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Annie Whittington, 27, is a bartender from Tampa, Florida. She describes herself as “outgoing, over dramatic and loyal.” Her favorite activities include “anything that involves adrenaline, heights, nature, laughter and fun.”

The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Annie was “being stuck in the house no matter what.” She planned to win Big Brother simply by ‘being herself.’ Which, apparently, was her first and biggest lie.

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More Tidbits About Annie Whittington:

Annie said she died her hair from platinum blond to brunette at the request of Big Brother 12 producers because there were already too many blonds this season.

“I live my life full of adventure,” Whittington said before the season started, according to “I never thought I’d actually make it on the show. I love the social experiment, throwing in random people where they can’t escape.”

Check out more interesting details we’ve dug up about Big Brother 12 Houseguest Annie Whittington after the jump – including a tasty treat about her dating life!

Sleuthing Annie:

We believe we’ve found Annie’s Facebook profile here – it certainly does kind of look like her – post hair dye job. Plus, this girl’s Facebook page lists Big Brother among her favorite shows and interests include “Dying My Hair.” If so, she is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, IL and likes sarongs, working out, Limp Bizkit, Kings of Leon, The L Word and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Annie’s new, post Big Brother Twitter feed is @Annie_BB12.

Annie Whittington FaceBook Page
Annie Whittington FaceBook Page

Annie was the only openly gay-ish girl of Big Brother 12 (we predicted one!). There is also a gay guy, Ragan Fox – the gays are taking over, let the drama flame!  Annie is an admitted bisexual according to and several other sites. She originally said she might or might not reveal her sexual orientation to the other Houseguests right away.

“There may be some more close-minded people in the house and I don’t want to be judged,” Annie said, according to People. “There are so many more facets to my character… I don’t think who I sleep with should be that important to anybody.” Eventually, she did reveal her sexual orientation to Ragan as a ploy for sympathy.

Our Thoughts on Annie:

Annie is hot, bisexual and young. We though half the Big Brother Houseguests might end up trying to hook up with her. We were hoping for a girl-on-girl fling at some point during the season. You can bet CBS, Showtime and the Big Brother 12 Live Feed providers were probably hoping so too! Unfortunately, Annie wasn’t around long enough for a hook up to happen.

Annie described herself as an adrenaline junkie, but we kind of suspected she was actually kind of a weanie. She also said she \iwas overly dramatic, so we were hoping for a lot of bitching and catfights from this one. Turns out she was way too quiet on the show for the personality she was proclaiming to have before the season started. Later, of course, we figured out why! 

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We though Annie would be highly likely to engage in some after-dark action with at least one – if not more – other Houseguests. Sadly, we missed out when she got booted so quickly. We suspected Annie could be the Big Brother Saboteur, but dismissed the idea at first because she seemed too ‘generic’. After watching her in action for a while, we began to suspect her far more strongly just because she was so meek and boring. Turns out, the meek and boring act was all a sham, because she was indeed the Saboteur.

Chances of Winning:

As one of the ‘hot girls’ of the show, we expected Annie to stick around for a while. If she actually had been playing the real game, we think she might have. However, we never thought she’d take home the winner’s spot. She was too generic and we thought – too likely to cause trouble in the house. Well, she did indeed cause trouble – as the Saboteur – but we had hoped she’d stick around a little longer than she did. Too bad, she blew it big time!

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