Big Brother 12: Our Fantasy Predictions

Big Brother 12 premieres on CBS on July 8th, but we just can’t wait that long to start guessing what kind of craziness this season will hold. Who will be the first to betray a supposed ‘friend’? Which contestant will be sneaking around after dark to someone else’s bed first? Big Brother is all about the drama and we’re predicting plenty of it for season 12!

Big Brother 12 (CBS)

Hair-Pulling Catfight: You know there will be at least two ladies on Big Brother 12 who just can’t stand each other. More than likely, one of the guys will end up in the middle. We’re hoping to get at least one good, nasty catfight this season. It just wouldn’t be Big Brother if we didn’t have two of the girls going after each other’s throats during the show!

Sexy Shenanigans: Big Brother could never be complete without at least a few (or a lot!) of the housemates hooking up after the lights go out. We can’t wait to see which ones hit the sack together first. If we’re really lucky, they’ll be the same two screaming at each other over some terrible betrayal just a few episodes later.

Macho Madness: At least one of the guys on Big Brother 12 will no doubt think he is god’s gift to the universe. Usually, it’s the guy who is actually the least interesting and most annoying on the show. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens to be the same guy who ends up winning. Let’s hope this season the “macho” man gets booted off way early on – before we start to want to strangle him!

Going Gay: For some reason we’re feeling some kind of same-sex naughtiness may be in store this season. Don’t ask us why, but we’re getting the vibe that at least one of the contestants this time will be batting for the other team on the side – probably one of the ladies. Of course, quite a few seasons of Big Brother have featured someone going gay, but we just never get tired of the extra drama factor when the other contestants find out!

What kind of tasty drama are you looking forward to on Big Brother 12? What was your favorite bit of naughtiness from seasons past? Share with us and keep us occupied until the new season finally starts!

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