Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Andrew Gordon

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Andrew Gordon, 39, is a podiatrist from Miami Beach, Florida. He describes himself as “stubborn, spontaneous and sneaky.” His favorite activities include video games, poker, watching football, swimming and going to Toys R Us.

The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Gordon was missing his daughter and “not watching ESPN daily.” He hates “snakes, heights, beauty (it can control me) and Rabbis scare me (self guilt).”

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More Tidbits About Andrew Gordon:

Dr. Andrew Gordon DPM is a foot doctor practicing in Miami Beach at Gordon Foot Care. He is also an Orthodox Jew who continued to engage in his religious practices in the Big Brother 12 house. Gordon took his own cooking utensils to make sure his food was kosher and did his best to observe Shabbat, not using electricity from sundown Friday until Saturday Night.

“It’s already going to be tough in that house, so it’s going to be even tougher dealing with these extra little things,” Gordon says, according to “People are probably going to look at me as an outsider and wonder what I’m doing and why I’m not eating their food. It’s something I’ve had to explain my whole life as a practicing Jew. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it.”

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Sleuthing Andrew:

Andrew’s post Big Brother Twitter feed is at @Captain_Kosher (he’s quite talkative!) and his Facebook page is here. He is actually also now running his ownAndrew Gordon Big Brother Yenta Page on Facebook.

Dr. Andrew Gordon of Gordon Foot Care donated $500 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in July of 2007 according to This is the receipt for his donation (PDF).

An Andrew Gordon of Miami Beach, FL is also listed as a member of the Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami with a graduate year of 1988.

Andrew Gordon may be or have been the owner of one or more condos at Tower Forty One Condo in Miami Beach, FL. Someone with this name is listed as an owner of two units in this building. However, it isn’t that uncommon of a name, so it might not be him.

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Our Thoughts on Andrew:

As the second-oldest Houseguest and a doctor, we expected Andrew would likely be one of the more reasoned and ‘mature’ contestants this season. On the other hand, something about him made us think he might be just a bit smarmy and he already admitted he is “sneaky.” Well, we were wrong about the first part and right about the second. Andrew proved to be one of the weirdest and craziest Houseguests this season!

We thought Andrew was unlikely to “hook-up” with any other Houseguests after dark because he has a young daughter at home to play role model to. We also thought it is wasunlikely Andrew is the Big Brother Saboteur because of the whole Orthodox Jewish thing. Not because he’s Jewish, but because his religious practices were an interesting enough detail for him as a player without him also being the mole in the house. It was funny, however, that most of the house thought he was the Saboteur at one point.

Chances of Winning:

Andrew just didn’t really fit the mold of previous Big Brother winners in our opinion. Other than the Jewish observances that made him unique in the house, he didn’t really stand out otherwise. (Other than the totally weird factor toward the end.) We thought he stood a high chance of being maneuvered into losing by the other Big Brother Houseguests and it turns out we were right on the money with that one!

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