Big Brother 18 Cast – Da’Vonne Rogers – The Loud One

Big Brother 18 cast member Da’Vonne Rogers, 28, hails from Lancaster, California and is a poker dealer.  She is one of the returning houseguests as part of the first twist and the season.  She was originally on Big Brother 17 and went out week two, finishing in sixteenth place.  She commonly goes by the nickname Momma Day.

Da'Vonne Rogers Big Brother 18

Da’vonne Rogers of Big Brother 17 and Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

First, we will review her profiles on the CBS website before delving into her Big Brother history.  Da’Vonne’s CBS profile for Big Brother 17 listed her profession as a poker dealer.  Being in the field of poker, one might expect she had picked up some skills regarding hiding her emotions and expressions.

However, Da’Vonne actually ended up being pretty loud and opinionated.  This was kind of ironic since she loved Rachel Reilly for being a competition beast, but said she was too emotional.  Momma Day was somewhat emotional herself – maybe not crying so much, but she was so aggressive that it ran her game.

In her BB17 profile, Da’Vonne’s life motto was listed as “Hakuna matata! We have literally only one life to live and I’m not going to spend mine stressed out and full of worries”, which sounds like she may have been ready to play the game.  Big Brother is an amazing experience and you only have one life to live, after all.  Not to mention, getting too paranoid in the Big Brother house will destroy your game.

Da’Vonne’s updated CBS profile for Big Brother 18 offers some insight into how she might fare in the game this time.  First, she describes herself as loud, hilarious and unpredictable.  Being loud in the Big Brother house does not usually bode well.  In addition, being unpredictable can cause you to blow up, be aggressive or ruin alliances.  However, being hilarious can help your social game.

She indicates that she wants to focus on her social game the first few weeks, but Da’Vonne was very upset when the premiere night competitions were based on teams.  By the time your competition game is your strategy, the teams will likely be broken up.

During Big Brother 17, Da’Vonne was a source of a lot of drama.  She called out lies and rumors and was often a part of blowups including blowing the game for a former ally.  She decided to align with Jason Roy, and then revealed to him her suspicions about the twin twist.  Unfortunately, he told the rest of the house which may have contributed to the target on her back.  This was likely because she tried to flip the house, but obviously Liz Nolan was not on her side (nor in any of her alliances) considering she uncovered her secret.

Big Brother Live Feeds 2015 - Jul/Liz and Da'Vonne (CBS)
Da’Vonne Rogers and Liz Nolan on BB17 (CBS)

Da’Vonne had an early alliance with Shelli Poole, but got into a tiff with her showmance partner Clay Honeycutt.  Since Shelli was Head of Household, she targeted Da’Vonne and even though the BB Takeover twist worked in her favor, she was still sent packing.

I would expect a similar result for Da’Vonne this year unless she has completely changed her personality.  She is aggressive and doesn’t mind confrontation, not to mention being loud and claiming that she can ‘out talk’ anyone in the game.  In addition, the newbies are currently gunning for the returnees, which could cause her problems as well.


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