Who Got Evicted on Big Brother Tonight? 6/23/2016

Can’t wait to find out who got evicted on Big Brother tonight? We have the spoilers from the very first eviction of the season! Which one of the unlucky members of Team Freakazoids was the one who got kicked off Big Brother in just the second episode of the year? Read on to find out!

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At the end of the Big Brother 18 premiere episode, veteran Nicole Franzel, and newbies Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, and Glenn Garcia were each faced with a 25 percent chance they would be the first evictee of the season. The four teammates would be forced to battle it out with each other to determine not only which one would go home, but who would end up as the first Head of Household of the season.

In a preview commercial for the second night of the season 18 premiere, it looked like the final challenge before the eviction would be some sort of endurance competition. Immediately, Big Brother fans on social media started theorizing it would be Glenn who ended up losing the competition and sent packing out the door. However, it wasn’t totally clear if the comp would be endurance, or perhaps some sort of other challenge that might not be so difficult for 50-year-old Glenn.


So while the majority of fans on social media seemed to be feeling it would be Glenn who got evicted on Big Brother tonight, we weren’t counting on anything until we saw exactly how the competition went down. Sometimes it’s the most unlikely person who ends up winning a challenge and throwing off everyone’s expectations!

Time for the eviction competition, Victor is serving as host. It turns out it is not an endurance competition. It is a puzzle combined with a balance challenge. The houseguests will have to grab coconuts from a fake tree to spell out an S.O.S., while the platform the tree and the message is on wobbles around when they move. Whoever comes in last place will be immediately evicted. The rest will have to figure out who ends up Head of Household.

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Paul told Corey before the game that he needs to win to make sure that Nicole doesn’t become HoH. All of the newbies are cheering for all the newbies, and not for Nicole. Frank says in Diary Room that it’s obvious the newbies are all banded against the veterans.

The competition is very tight with everyone doing about the same, although Tiffany pulls out for a slight early lead. Then Nicole takes over the lead and has only one more coconut left to spell out her message. And she’s got it! Nicole is now safe from eviction!

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 4

That leaves Glenn, Corey, and Tiffany battling it out to keep from being the one who gets booted out the door. Paul is being bossy again from the sidelines, basically chastising the newbies for not taking things slow enough and messing up.

Tiffany is freaking out because every time she grabs another coconut, she loses one from her S.O.S. Finally she is able to complete her message, grab her ‘done’ flag and Tiffany is safe! Now it’s Glenn against Corey for who is going to end up being evicted. Glenn almost has his flag and is crawling toward it to grab it. Then Corey snaps his flag up at pretty much the same time Glenn does. It’s a photo finish… and the photo shows that Glenn’s coconuts were dislodged from his S.O.S. message before he pulled his flag out.

The first houseguest evicted from Big Brother 18 is Glenn Garcia!

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