Big Brother 18 Recap: The Executives Run the House 8/7/2016

Big Brother 2016 ended Thursday’s live eviction with a blindside. However, it was not the evictee that experienced the burn of a blindside, but her two closest allies. The Big Brother 18 house decided not to tell Michelle Meyer or Zakiyah Everette that they would be voting out Da’Vonne Rogers instead of Bridgette Dunning. This left both women in shock come Thursday night on Big Brother 18.

Big Brother 18-Paulie Calafiore, Victor Arroyo, Paul Abrahamian, James Huiling

Tonight’s episode showed how the blindside put a major snag in Zakiyah and Michelle’s Big Brother 2016 game. Should they start packing their bags on Big Brother 18? Or Will win of them, or their allies, win this week’s Head of Household competition? Read our Big Brother 2016 recap to find out.

The boys decide to form an all boys alliance called “The Executives.” They then give each one a title in the group. Victor Arroyo is the CEO, James Huiling is Chief of Operations, Paulie Calafiore is Director of Social engagements, Paul Abrahamian is Chief of Friendship, and Corey Brooks is the Events Coordinator.

Victor later forms a sub alliance with Paul and Paulie called “The Board.” He wants them to be the final three. In the Diary room, Paul says this is great but PP is the true alliance.

The Head of Household competition continues. As we saw Thursday, houseguests must swing on a rope suspended in air, while bumping against large signs that have hashtags on them. The houseguests start off strong, but James falls off first, followed by Bridgette and Corey. As the first three to be eliminated, they become the Have-Nots for the week.

Michelle starts spinning out of control. She then starts to vomit, and then falls off. Michelle then breaks down crying. She beats herself up about losing this Head of Household competition. Nicole Franzel falls next. Zakiyah feels the win slipping away from her, so she tries to make a deal with Natalie Negrotti, Victor, and Paulie to keep her safe this week.

Big Brother 18-Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti

They all agree that she doesn’t need to worry about them coming after her. She jumps off. However, Victor says (in the Diary Room) that everyone voted him out, so he has no loyalty to any of them. Paulie mentions in the DR that he doesn’t trust Zakiyah to not act based on her emotions. He fears that she might put him up to get revenge for Da’Vonne’s eviction.

He doesn’t want to fall off until Zakiyah is out the competition. Once Zakiyah comes down, Paulie walks off. This alerts Zakiyah to Paulie’s true intentions in the game. She knows that he’s playing her in the house.

It comes down to Natalie and Victor. Both say that they want to win to see their mothers. Natalie and Victor make a deal to not put each other up. Natalie holds on a little longer, but she eventually falls. Victor becomes the newest Head of Household.

Zakiyah goes off to be alone and cry. Paulie asks her what’s wrong, but she won’t tell him. They later discuss if he wants her out of the game. He lies about a few things, including whether he fell off on purpose and if he’s working against her in the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 18-Paulie Calafiore, Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo

“The Executives” have a meeting to discuss Victor’s nominees. He tells them that he wants to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah. He wants Zakiyah evicted this week. Later, Michelle and James have an argument.

It starts off being about him borrowing her clothes, but then escalates into James voting out Da’Vonne and not telling her. Following their argument, James talks to Paulie about Michelle being too much of an emotional player. They know she will target them. They believe that Paulie can pull Zakiyah more towards their side.

Paulie discusses in the Diary Room the possibility of evicting Michelle this week, because keeping Zakiyah is better for his game. He just needs to work to secure her votes to stay.

The Care Package arrives. James receives this week’s Care Package, which contains socks, aviator glasses, underwear, and the power to eliminate two votes at this week’s live eviction. James tells the DR that he’s worried about using this power.

Big I Brother 18-Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette

Paulie (Diary Room confessional) mentions using James’ power to secure Zakiyah’s safety.

Victor gives a rhythmic speech about why he chose to nominate Zakiyah and Michelle this week. Immediately, Michelle breaks down crying during it. She continues to cry in the Diary Room.

The guys then all go to celebrate the nominations, while the girls go to comfort Michelle.

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