Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 24 Highlights: Jessica Reveals the Halting Hex to Kevin

Sometimes, we are destined to repeat our worst mistakes. This exact sentiment will occur soon on Big Brother 19. Jessica Graf has all the Big Brother 2017 power this week, yet has none of the control.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian

Right now, there is a plan in motion to blindside Cody Nickson and Jessica. The Big Brother 19 houseguests (minus Mark Jansen and Elena Davies) plan to vote out Ramses Soto instead of Josh Martinez. Most of the Big Brother 19 action and conversations revolved around this blindside. We expect it to be a slow week, unless someone alerts the pair to the upcoming deception.

Otherwise, we won’t see much game play until after Thursday’s Head of Household competition.

Mark Bashing Continues

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh spews his daily meatball, Cody and Jessica suck, I’m not going anywhere camera talk. This time, he talks about how dumb Mark is for expecting him to leave the Big Brother 19 game. Later, Christmas Abbott even states that she believes Mark is just a mean guy. She mentions him yelling at Alex Ow at some point.

The houseguests even discuss getting Mark out before Cody and Jessica. Kevin Schlehuber wants to stop that idea, which he tells Paul Abrahamian that Cody needs to go first. This seems to have set the targets back on Cody and Jessica. However, the houseguests also debate if they should take Elena out after Cody, instead of Mark and Jessica.

Christmas and Matt Clines discussed Cody being a really good competitor, and them needing to not try to rattle him, because that just makes him more focused. Mark seems to be the easier target for them to get under his skin. Matt talked about telling Josh to work on rattling Mark next competition.

Christmas Covers Her Bases

Big Brother Christmas Abbott

Unlike the other Big Brother 19 players, Christmas is already thinking ahead. She told Ramses that she would vote him out as a pity vote for Josh. She plans to tell Jessica the same thing. This means when the blindside happens, Christmas can claim to be innocent in the whole thing.

Jessica Tells Kevin About the Hex

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Jessica Graf

Jessica decided to share the Halting Hex powers with Kevin, but she lies about its true abilities. Jessica claimed that the power keeps her and one other Big Brother 19 player safe for four weeks.

Kevin promised to keep her secret. However, he talked about Hex scenarios with Jason Dent, trying to hint to him that the powers Jessica has could protect her from eviction. Kevin also tried to hinted thhis to Paul but also got dismissed. Jessica’s reveal to Kevin could slightly change the vote Ramses’ plan. We’ll have to wait and see.

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