Big Brother 20 Rumors: Are Four Vets Returning to the Game?

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Big Brother fans are experiencing a whirlwind week. Monday, we reported (via Facebook) that Big Brother Live Feeds subscribers get an early introduction to the new houseguests. Over the weekend, The Amazing Race began filming its new season, which features a few Big Brother alumni: Those players have finally been confirmed.

All this news, plus the fact that there is only two short weeks left before the Big Brother 20 premiere, has caused the rumor mill to catch fire. A potential all-star season is the biggest rumor circulating around the Big Brother community. But executive Producer Allison Grodner stop that one by confirming that Big Brother 20 would not be all-stars 2. However, we may not get another all-star season but we will see returnees.

Many Big Brother fans have longed for the days of all newbies, especially because the last time Big Brother had a season full of fresh faces–with no ties to past houseguests or celebrities–was Big Brother 12. Going into Big Brother 20, fans should have known better but yet many (including us) were surprised to learn that Big Brother 20 is rumored to feature four returnees.

Hamsterwatch reported this on Tuesday night. Hamsterwatch was the one who revealed that Paul Abrahamian would enter the house again in Big Brother 19, and she has been a credible source in a number of BB reveals. Besides fans being shocked about four returnees (like with Big Brother 18 and Big Brother 14), they’re even more surprised that this would mean 20 new players–the most players in US Big Brother history.

Besides the possibility of four returnees, we don’t know how exactly this will play out. The Big Brother producers love getting America involved, so we could see a large pool of potential returnees, and then America voting in the four. We could also see a theme with the returnees like couples, first evicted, rivals, villains, or even siblings.

The Big Brother 20 team will most likely keep this twist underwraps until premiere night, or at least until after we meet the new houseguests.

How do you feel about the possibility of four players returning for Big Brother 20? Let us know in the comment section, and who you would like to see come back.

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