Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: (2/06/19)-Week 3.5 Power of Veto Competition Results

Natalie Eva Marie, Ricky Williams, and Lolo Jones have controlled almost all of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 evictions thus far. Now their luck has ran out. One of trio is leaving on Friday as the first evictee of the double eviction. Another one may follow soon after.

Big Brother 20 Power of Veto Competition

Tom Green holds most of the power this week, and he is set on taking out Ricky. Tom and Ricky have not worked well together all season. There has been an underlining tension. It started with the fake alliance and just grew from there.

Tom has tossed around the idea of backdooring Ricky for about a week. It’s what ultimately lead to his break with Lolo and Eva Marie. Now that Tom once again has power, he has one agenda: Get out Ricky.

However, both Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss believe that Eva Marie needs to go before Ricky. They have been trying to influence Tom into switching his target. Tom still seems set on Ricky, but the Power of Veto will shift or seal the target for the week.

Ricky has claimed that he would die on his sword for Eva and Lolo, so this should increase one of their chances to win the Veto. The best case scenario for the Lolo and Eva Marie team would be for Lolo to win veto, and then remove Eva Marie from the block. However, they discussed yesterday possibly leaving her on the block, as long as they had the votes.

They won’t get this chance because Veto players were picked and Lolo was the only one not picked to play. So on Friday for sure two members of the trio will be on the block, but which two?



Tom won Veto. Nominations will likely stay the same.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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