Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 21: The Quiet Threat

Yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house, Kandi Burruss started to emerge as a dark horse in the competition. Head of Household Tom Green had his heart set on evicting Ricky Williams, but she worked hard to make Tom see the big picture.

During the first half of Celebrity Big Brother 2, Lolo Jones, Ricky, and Natalie Eva Marie seemed like an unstoppable force. Now, Tom, Kandi, Dina Lohan, and Tamar Braxton have the power to split them up.

Tom started off his day by announcing that he wanted to have private talks with everyone. Typical wheeling and dealing tactics. Most of the houseguests knew the exact reasons for these one-on-ones, but they played along. Tom’s original plan was to nominate Lolo and Ricky, so these were his most important talks.

The conversation between Tom and Ricky involved a lot of proposal ideas that neither of them really planned to honor, nor did they listen. Ricky already knew he was going up, so the conversation with Tom just confirmed it.

Tom’s conversation with Lolo involved a lot of her blaming Tom for what happened with their alliance. She was trying to give him a chance to make things right between them by nominating Kandi and Dina. She even put on the waterworks.

Eva Marie believed she was safe, so she just made a deal with Tom to not target him. Kandi spent most of the day trying to get Tom on the right course of action. Eventually, she made him see that nominating Eva Marie and Ricky was the best option. She tried to get Lolo and Eva Marie up to split their duo, but Tom had his blinders on about Ricky.

Tamar, Lolo, and Eva Marie weren’t happy about Kandi becoming Tom’s new close ally, especially after they gave her their vote. It was unclear if these were Tamar’s true feelings about the Kandi situation, or just playing it up to keep Lolo and Eva Marie clueless about her really loyalties.

Ricky told Lolo and Eva Marie that he would lay down his sword for them and go this week. The girls were happy about his decision, but they were still hungry for the Veto. Lolo also worked on securing Dina’s vote to keep the trio safe, or Eva Marie safe.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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