Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 20: Don’t Count Tom Out Just Yet

We had another relatively quiet daytime. Everyone just prepared for yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 eviction. The Celebrity Big Brother house had pretty much settled on evicting Kato Kaelin over Tom Green.

A good chunk of yesterday’s actions involved houseguests talking about who to target next. The trio (Ricky Williams, Lolo Jones, and Natalie Eva Marie) discussed their combination of nominees. They would nominate Dina Lohan and Tom. If one of them won Veto, Kandi Burruss would go on the block.

Kandi and Dina discussed making sure that two members of the trio were on the block. They mentioned going after Lolo and Eva Marie. Prior to the HOH comp, Kandi asked Tom who he would nominate, and he said he didn’t know yet. She encouraged him to target the trio.

After Kato’s eviction, the houseguests started to incorporate Tom back into the fold. They requested that he didn’t act like he did last week, if he won HOH again. He said he didn’t want to win it. He didn’t like that responsibility and pressure.

After Tom won HOH, Lolo and Tamar Braxton questioned if Kandi threw the competition. Tom didn’t discuss his nominations with anyone. However, we expect him to nominate Lolo and Eva Marie, and try to backdoor Ricky, or just go for Ricky and Eva Marie/Lolo.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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