Who Went Home on Celebrity Big Brother 2 Tonight? (02/04/2019)

Whoa!  Now that Joey Lawrence was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 game during the last episode, we are down to 8 celebrities left vying for the Big Brother title and a quarter of a million dollars.  Tom Green and Kato Kaelin have had a great run of power in the house until everything fell apart on them right before the last eviction.  They have won 4 of the last 6 competitions in the house which is very impressive.

CBB Tom Green

However; with Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie no longer allies of the infamous duo commonly referred to as “Tomato”, they have quite the target on their backs.   Kato must do all he can to win the next Head of Household competition to try and save Tomato or they could both end up on the block for eviction.  Let’s also not forget about Tamar Braxton’s Power of the Publicist still in play until the end of tonight’s veto competition.  That twist could change the game tremendously and in a split second or make no difference in the game.  We shall see tonight!

Eviction Aftermath

Tom approached Kato and asked him to pretend like the 6 to 0 vote to send Joey home went exactly as planned.  In fact, Tom thought it would be a split vote and he would have the final say.  Tamar had a change of heart right before the eviction and wanted to vote out Joey instead of Kandi Burruss.  This made Natalie and Lolo switch their vote to Joey at the last minute so they didn’t have a large on their back from Kandi.

Head of Household Competition

Players will face off against each other while finding mistakes on the magazine covers of the celebrities in the Big Brother house.  This competition is called Picture Imperfect.  Tamar and Ricky Williams go first and Ricky was eliminated.  Next up are Kato and Kandi.  Kato wins that round.  Lolo and Natalie go next, and Lolo wins.

Dina Lohan and Kato up next.  Dina is a goner.  Tamar and Lolo go next, and Lolo is eliminated.  Last round is Kato against Tamar, and Tamar wins Head of Household.

Block Nominations

At the nominations ceremony, Tamar selects Kato and Tom to the block for eviction, as expected.  Tamar explained that her decision was not personal…its just a game.  She told them they are both big threats in the Big Brother game.

During a conversation with Kandi and Dina, Tamar says she will put up Lolo or Natalie if one of the two block nominees wins the POV.  Kandi think it should be Natalie that goes up.

Power of Veto Competition

By random draw, Lolo, Kandi, and Dina were selected to compete in the POV competition with Tamar, Kato, and Tom.  Ricky and Natalie are the only two Big Brother houseguests not to compete in this event.  Before the competition begins, the houseguests watched a performance by the comedian Gallagher.  Julie Chen Moonves announced that this performance will be critical to the competition.

This POV is called Smashing Success.  Julie will ask the houseguests true or false questions.  Each question answered correctly, they will receive one point.  The celebrity with the most points wins the POV.

After 7 questions, Lolo answered all of the questions correctly and won the golden POV.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the ceremony, Lolo decided NOT to use the power of veto.  Consequently, Tom and Kato remain on the block, and one of two celebrities will be evicted from the Big Brother house in a live vote.

Julie also announced to the Big Brother celebrities that the Power of the Publicist was no longer in play.

Live Eviction Results

In the live vote, the results were as follows:

Ricky voted to evict Kato
Kandi voted to evict Kato
Dina voted to evict Kato
Lolo voted to evict Kato
Natalie voted to evict Kato

By an unanimous vote, Kato was evicted from the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie, Kato admitted that he was shocked he was evicted by unanimous vote and really thought Tom was going home.  He also said that he aligned with Lolo even though he saw her turn on Jonathan and Ryan because she is beautiful.  Kato will be missed.

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