Celebrity Big Brother 2 Week 3 Power Rankings: Does Natalie Eva Marie Still Have the Best Shot at Winning the Game?

We’re now two weeks into Celebrity Big Brother, and there’s only one week left. Last weeks rankings were pretty on point with Ryan Lochte and Joey Lawrence at the bottom. They were then the next two Celebrity Big Brother houseguests evicted! Let’s see if I can do it again.

Celebrity Big Brother-Natalie Eva Marie

Now we’re down to the final eight houseguests and it’s time for yet another edition of our Celebrity Big Brother Power Rankings. We rank from players in best position to worst position. Read on to see where your favorite ranks this week.

Natalie Eva Marie

Eva Marie still holds in the best position in the house. Even with their betrayal of Tom Green, she’s the safer of her duo with Lolo Jones. If and when someone comes for Natalie and Lolo, Natalie will likely survive. Her chances to win are decent as I think she could probably be seen as a more agreeable winner than some of the others, as long as her association with Lolo doesn’t hurt her too much.

Ricky Williams

Celebrity Big Brother-Ricky WilliamsWhile Ricky is the third wheel with Natalie and Lolo, he’s pretty well protected. There are some detractors but with Natalie and Lolo as a duo, he may be able to skate by longer. I think with the dwindling numbers of men in the house that he could be a target sooner rather than later. Usually, Ricky is pretty calm, so he can probably make it pretty deep without putting in too much effort. Ricky has days where his attitude annoys others. This could bite him in the butt eventually.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi isn’t really in the thick of things, but having survived the first few votes with ease bodes well for her. I know it looked like she was toast against Joey, but she managed to survive. Right now Kandi is probably not an immediate target for anyone. I really expect either her or Dina Lohan to be there near the end, and one of them could easily win this. Kandi also seems to see how the endgame will shape up given her talks with Tamar Braxton. She mentioned that the house needs to split up Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky soon.

Lolo Jones

Celebrity Big Brother Lolo Jones

Some of Lolo’s actions might put her in a bad spot in terms of being able to win, but she’s played the game hard and has had a lot of control in the house. I think it’s an uphill battle for her to win this game but stranger things have happened. If they’re smart, they will take Lolo to the end because she’s probably the least likely to win in the final two. But I expect that she’ll eventually be a target for most of them once Tom and Kato are out.

Tamar Braxton

Tamar’s HOH win came at a good time, and she won’t need to use her power now. Another twist goes flop. I still have a hard time seeing Tamar move further than the final five, unless she wins many of the final competitions. Lolo, Natalie and Ricky are getting a break from her in there room which might be good for Tamar, since she was wearing thin on them. I just expect her to be an easy option to target before Dina or Kandi, so she’ll likely not make finale night, and even then I have a hard time seeing how she beats anyone, except for maybe Lolo.

Dina Lohan

Celebrity Big Brother Dina Lohan

Dina is there and not doing a lot, but that’s okay. I’ve said from the start that she could win this, and she really could. Nobody has an issue with Dina, but I don’t know that the other houseguests will reward her for being nice, unless she’s up against someone that is universally disliked. But even without having much control Dina still has a shot to go deep and have a shot to take the crown.

Tom Green

It’s a toss up between who is going to last between Tom and Kato. It was really Tom’s paranoia that put them in this crappy position but Kato did himself no favors getting into fights and being overly aggressive and combative. Tom will likely survive but he still remains a marked man, and unless he goes on a competition run it’s hard to see him surviving the week.

Kato Kaelin

Celebrity Big Brother-Kato Kaelin

Unless Kato wins the Power of Veto, I think he’s done. The houseguests still see him as the bigger competition threat and that’s a big enough reason to go for him first. I think they are both guilty of things leading to their downfall, and I actually think Kato would possibly be able to integrate more than Tom if he survived, but that’s seeming to be the less likely option for the upcoming eviction. But the Joey vote switched last minute, so this one could too.

So, what are your thoughts on this weeks’ power rankings? Share your opinions with us and be sure to follow our coverage on Twitter @BigBroAccess.

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