Big Brother 16 Spoilers: 2014 House Photos Revealed!

The Big Brother 16 house photos have been revealed at last and all we can say is WOW! We’ve seen some funky decorating schemes for the Big Brother house before, but this one might just take the cake! Apparently someone thought it would be terribly fun this year to deck out the Big Brother 2014 house like… nature exploded inside of it?

Big Brother 16 House (CBS - The Hollywood Reporter)
Big Brother 16 House (CBS – The Hollywood Reporter)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, designer Scott Storey “took to the sky for inspiration” for this year’s Big Brother 16 house. He calls the theme an “urban treehouse” and says he wanted to mix “nature and civilization” for the decorating scheme this season.

Well, from the Big Brother 16 house photos and house tour with Julie Chen released by CBS, we have to say that pretty much sums up the theme for the Big Brother 2014 house. However, aren’t quite sure the whole civilization meets nature thing is so much of a mixture as it as an all-out war.

We don’t mean to criticize anyone’s extremely hard work, but we are not so much loving the decorating in some of the rooms this season. It seems a bit… forced, and in some places, just downright kind of ugly. Or at least cheesy. But we do have to say that the ‘ice bedroom’ is pretty hella cool.

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