Big Brother 16 Cast Spoilers: 16 Houseguests For 2014?

The official Big Brother 2014 spoilers photos for the new house have finally been revealed and they may contain a big clue on how many Houseguests there will be this season! If we go by what is shown in the new photos, it looks like the Big Brother 16 cast will have 16 Houseguests!

Big Brother 16 house dining room (CBS)
Big Brother 16 house dining room (CBS)

In the exclusive Big Brother 2014 house photos published on Wednesday by The Hollywood Reporter, the new dining room table appears to have places for 16 Houseguests. The new digital Memory Wall also seems to have 16 spots for Big Brother 2014 cast member photos.

Now, of course, we have been fooled before by these promo Big Brother house photos. Sometimes CBS likes to screw with us by pretending they are giving us a nice fat Big Brother spoilers scoop, and then changing things up later.

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We could also have a twist where we will start off with a larger number of contestants at first, but only 16 will make it into the actual house. After all, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about fans voting in players this season, or some kind of pre-move-in contest going on. We do have that whole supposedly ‘epic’ two-night, move-in premiere event coming up that’s supposed to be different than any other premiere ever.

So we have 16 places at the table, and 16 slots in the Memory Wall, but we’ll just have to wait and see how many Big Brother 16 cast members we actually get. And how many of them end up sitting at that table when premiere week is finally over!

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