Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Season 16 Twist Announced!

Are you ready for the first official CBS Big Brother spoilers of season 16? You might want to sit down for this one, because it is HUGE! Host Julie Chen unveiled the massive Big Brother 16 spoilers Twist on The Talk, paving the way for a gloriously twisted season ahead.

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)
Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)

The speculation and Big Brother 2014 spoilers rumors have been running rampant over what the ‘theme’ will be for season 16. The first big rumor out there was that it would be a ‘veterans and relatives’ season with former Houseguests coming in with loved ones to compete either in teams, or against each other. This morphed into a rumor of a full-on ‘Blood vs. Water’ Survivor style theme for season 16.

Then there was the alleged Big Brother spoilers that fans would be voting to decide which veteran Houseguests would return for season 16. That somehow twisted into a theory that Big Brother 2014 would actually be another totally All-Stars year with the viewers getting to decide who would be in the cast. But what was the real truth behind all the gossip going on?

Well, we will finally got some of our answers when Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen spilled the beans on The Talk on Wednesday! Looking gorgeous as always, the queen of all things Big Brother revealed the official big Twist for season 16.

After talking about about Madonna’s new boy toy, and a dating app that matches you with people who look like your ex, we finally got to the big news. We thought Julie would wait until the very end of the show for the reveal, but we’re happy she didn’t!

Big Brother 2014 Twist

There will be not one, but TWO Heads of Household this season. Each week, the two HOHs will have to fight it out in a ‘Battle of the Block’ competition to determine which one will be safe.

Because there are two Heads of Household, there will be FOUR nominees for eviction each week apparently. Good grief! How on earth do you plan any kind of alliances or strategies around all this crazy?

There will also be a new #TeamAmerica interactive twist involving the viewers, but we don’t get any real information on this. And that seems to be it. Nothing at all about veterans, or possible All-Stars, or vets versus newbies, or Blood vs. Water, or etc. etc. etc. Guess they are saving that for the Big Brother 2014 cast reveal later this week.

Here’s the official word from Julie herself:

“This year, not one, but two houseguests will win HOH every week! Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating 2 houseguests for nomination. That means 4 houseguests will be on the chopping block each week! And just because you are HOH, doesn’t mean you are safe this year. A brand new competition called “Battle of the Block” will be played. And one more thing, you, the fans, are going to be influeing the game in a new interactive twist called Team America. This, I promise you, will be the most twisted season of Big Brother yet.”

– Julie Chen

Well, CBS did say it was going to be “twist after twisted twist” this season. It appears that unlike previous seasons, they weren’t just hyping it up without really giving us what they promised. There are already more twists than we can handle, and we STILL don’t know if there will be veterans coming on board the Big Brother 16 cast!

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