Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Tyler Tells Sam About his Power App–Did He Make the Right Move?

Tyler Crispen’s ability to keep secrets is one of his Big Brother 20 greatest strengths. Since week 2, Tyler has told no one about his power app. Additionally, very few players have suspected that he received the week two power. However, with Bayleigh Dayton and Sam Bledsoe’s powers no longer in effect–if Bayleigh gets evicted tonight-it’s making having a secret power more dangers for Tyler.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe and Tyler Crispen

Sam and Tyler have been close since week 1, when he saved her from eviction, and he was the first person she told about her power. But this week, Sam has been in emotional distress as Big Brother 20 continues to get more aggressive, dirty, and explosive. Tyler started to worry that Sam would let her emotions cloud her game decisions.

Tyler’s worry really started to kick into overdrive when Sam chose to comfort Bayleigh after the big house meeting, instead of him. She eventually went to the Head of Household room, but that was after Kaycee Clark asked her to come there. It lead to a big speech and a few tears. Today, Tyler made a big move to secure Sam’s loyalty.

While everyone was still getting ready for the day, around 11:15am BBT, Tyler whispered to Sam in the kitchen about his power. Sam was shocked and even seemed a little confused because she told him about hers. He told her that he had the Cloud power, what it did, and that he still could use it for three more weeks. Sam barely spoke. She just said okay and asked a few questions about it.

Big Brother 20-Cloud App

Tyler told Sam that she was the only one who he told about the power and he trusted her more than anyone. Tyler also mentioned how production messed up and showed his Cloud app on the screen. We expect that Sam will keep Tyler’s app secret, and this should secure her vote to evict Bayleigh tonight.

We think Tyler made that right move because Sam is trustworthy, and this will start to repair their bond. Sam declared her loyalty to Tyler but as this week progresses, it does seem like she has been questioning his intentions a bit. The only way this could backfire on Tyler is if Sam thinks he held this secret too long. This may make her wonder if she can really trust him at all, especially if he can lie to her so easily and keep major secrets.

Did Tyler make the right move telling Sam about his Big Brother app store power?

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