Big Brother 20 Week 6 Eviction Prediction: Will the Hive Lose their Queen?

Since Monday, the Big Brother 20 Hive has been doing whatever it takes to save Bayleigh Dayton from eviction, including fellow nominee Angie “Rockstar” Lantry. Angie has basically sacrificed her Big Brother game for Bayleigh. Haleigh Broucher also tried to give up her game for her this week by holding a house meeting.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry and Bayleigh Dayton

The house meeting actually did more damage for Bay’s game more than it helped it. It made players like Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans more sure of their decision to evict her this week. Now Bayleigh’s chances of staying in the Big Brother house seem more hopeless than ever, but are they?

Angie wants to stay in the game, but sees Bayleigh as having a bigger message and story to tell. She also just seems emotionally drained from the Big Brother 20 game. Bayleigh pissed a lot of people off this week, but her and her team believe that they can get the four votes they need to keep her safe.

Surprisingly, they’re close to making it happen. Haleigh put in a lot of work last night to get Scottie Salton back on team Haleigh. We strongly believe that if they can get one more vote to flip, Scottie will vote out Rockstar instead of Bayleigh, despite being mad at her for making him swear on the Bible.

Unfortunately, we don’t see a path where they get the fourth vote. Brett Robinson is now playing the Hive, and wants to make them think he will vote with them, but he won’t. JC Mounduix is lying to Faysal Shafaat about voting with him this week, but he plans to reveal that he won’t at the last minute.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

If JC didn’t dislike Bayleigh so much then there could have been a hinky vote thrown her way by him. Sam Bledsoe really feels sympathy for Bayleigh, and would possibly vote for her, but Tyler sealed that vote earlier today.

He told her about his Cloud power app. This should rebuild some trust that was lost with them this week, especially because Sam is the only one that knows this secret. With Sam, JC, and Brett out of the running, there is no way Bayleigh can get the votes to stay.

We predict that Haleigh will cancel Tyler’s vote. This leaves JC, Sam, Kaycee Clark, and Brett will vote to evict Bayleigh. Faysal and Haleigh will vote to evict Rockstar. Scottie’s vote will depend on whether he wants to vote with the house or be true to Haleigh. We think in the end, he’ll vote with the house, but let Haleigh know before eviction.

We expect a five to two vote or an unanimous vote to evict Bayleigh. She will become the first member of the Big Brother 20 jury.

Join us tonight for another recap, and  to see if our Big Brother 20 week 6 eviction prediction comes true.

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