Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (06/29/19)

It has been a very active first week in the Big Brother 21 house. When we got a feeds leak pretty early in the game, it seemed straightforward: Kathryn Dunn would be the target. However, this isn’t the case. Nearly the entire Big Brother 21 house has agreed to evict Kemi Fakunle this week. Many of them don’t think this is the right move, but no one is willing to stick out their necks to save Kemi, at least not now.

Christie Murphy definitely wants to keep Cliff Hogg III in the game. He was never one of her options, but she wavers about Kathryn. At one point, Christie thought it might just be safer to keep noms the same and take out Kat. Her alliance, especially Jack Matthews, told her that the best move was Kemi, or Ovi Kabir as a second option.

When Sam Smith won the Power of Veto, he was also not sure about getting Kemi out, but wanted to ultimately do what Christie wanted. Christie decided to stick with the plan but to keep Kemi in the dark about being the actual target this week. Then she flipped back and forth about a thousand more times until deciding to nominate Ovi.


Sam used the Veto to save Cliff. Christie named Ovi as the replacement nominee. On Wednesday, either Ovi or Kat will be the second person evicted from the Big Brother 21 house.

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