Big Brother Rankings: Who’s on Top In Week 12? 9/15/2015

There are no Big Brother spoilers out there yet about who got evicted on Big Brother 17 this week. Someone has already been booted out of the house in a special eviction on Monday, but we’ll have to wait until Tuesday night to find out who it was – unless we get a Live Feeds leak beforehand like we did last year.

Big Brother 17 – Vanessa and Austin (CBS)


The Big Brother 17 finale is just a week away and we are rushing madly toward the end with two eviction shows this week. The first live eviction was held inside the Big Brother 17 house on Monday and will air on Tuesday night. The second eviction will take place on Wednesday evening after an accelerated round of competitions.

Without having access to the Big Brother Live Feeds for a whopping 36 hours prior to Tuesday night’s eviction, it is very difficult to put together rankings for the Houseguests. However, we’ve made our best guesses on who will be evicted on Big Brother 17 Tuesday night, and which Houseguests are in the most danger of getting the boot next.

5. Austin – While I do believe he has played one of the best games this summer, I believe his time has run out this week and he will be the boot tonight. Splitting up the showmance is the key here and he is too big of a threat to keep around. Vanessa as HOH cannot afford to leave Austin together with Liz as neither will take her to the F2 over each other. If Vanessa breaks a tie to send him home, I bet he’ll regret keeping her in the game and all the times he continue to trust her when he should have moved on to other allies.

4. Steve – If Steve does not survive Tuesday’s eviction, it is very likely because the endgame competitions are built for him to win and the other HGs know it. But if he does make it through, I think Steve is in danger of getting the boot next. If he loses the Power of Veto and Vanessa wins. I believe she would evict him over Liz, as she may view him as more of a target and unsure if he will take her to the final two. The good thing for Steve is he has two chances to save himself – first starting with the HOH and then with the PoV.

3. Vanessa – Vanessa puts herself in a position where she has to win HOH or go home this week. I can’t see her surviving without the Power of Veto unless she can convince the PoV holder to keep hers. Vanessa has put herself in a win or go to jury spot this week. Will she be able to survive? Maybe, the final four PoV is likely down to her vs Steve. It was a bad move for her to win HOH this week and if she is out fourth that will be the reason why.

2. Liz – If Austin is evicted, she might look less threatening. But even with her competition record, I think she may be survive and enter the final three. John and Steve should see her as less threatening than Vanessa, who has played one of the best games this summer. For Liz, winning one of the two competitions this week is a must. With Austin gone, I can’t imagine she would want to work with anyone left. Her plan may be just to win out and take Vanessa hoping the jury hates her.

1. John – John is a smart guy and maybe not the best game player this summer. However, I feel he is in the best position heading into this week. I think he really needs to get an HOH under his belt this week to show the jurors he can make a move OR win the most important PoV this week and evict a strong player like Vanessa, which will win over the jury. The good news for John is that it seems most likely right now that Liz would evict Steve/Vanessa, Vanessa might evict Steve, and Steve would evict John or Vanessa. He might be safe, but never get too comfortable.

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