Big Brother Spoilers: Johnny Mac Plans a Blindside 9/14/2015

The last Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds,before they go down for a whopping 36 hours, were at least quite tasty to watch. Rock star dentist John McGuire is ready to “do something crazy” and I can’t wait to see if he will actually follow through with it. If he does, it could be a very wild and fun crazy last week of Big Brother 17 indeed.

Big Brother 17 Johnny Mac (CBS)

Johnny Mac has been playing a desperate game the past few weeks to survive in the Big Brother 2015 house. He even got evicted and managed to battle his way back onto the show. Vanessa may be seen as the mastermind of the season, but Johnny Mac is the true survivor. If the two of them were to make it to the finale together, I’d give my vote to Johnny Mac. Of course, I do tend to have a slight bias to the underdog, I can’t help it.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Manipulating others to do your bidding is a lot about the weak strategy and game play of the ones being manipulated. You can still come out a winner, but you also end up a villain everyone thinks won because the other Houseguests were clueless fools. Surviving week after week with a giant target on your back, and winning crucial competitions time and time again when your a** is on the line — well, that’s all on Johnny Mac. I just can’t help but respect that.

Now it looks like John may be taking it up to that next level notch that not only might gain our vote in a finale match, but the votes of other Houseguests as well. This is the time to make that big move to show you weren’t just floating through the weeks at the whim of the other players. (Which we argue Johnny Mac hasn’t done, but others will disagree.)

John has been working with Vanessa with one hand, Steve with another, and sneaking in deal talk with Austin and Liz as well. He’s effectively kept himself balanced in between so he could basically go with whichever grouping works best for his game at the end. If he hadn’t won Power of Veto this week, he might have been off to Jury house. But because he did win that vital competition, he’s now a powerful swing vote for the next eviction on Tuesday night.

Big Brother 17 Johnny Mac and Vanessa

After his Power of Veto Competition win, it looked like at first that John might actually betray his final two deal with Steve and decide to work to vote him out. This would put him in a position to work with Austin and Liz to get out Vanessa next. As far as Austin and Liz know, this is exactly what is going to happen during the upcoming eviction. They think that Liz, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac will all be voting to keep Austin. That’s what both Johnny Mac and Vanessa have promised them, both of them making final three deals with Liztin.

However, ending up in a final three with the showmance couple is begging for third place in every way. Johnny Mac knows this and he went to Vanessa and told her (10:15 PM BBT Sunday) that he is ready to “do something crazy.” He told her they have to make a big move and make some Big Brother history. They talk it out and they agree that taking out Steve would not be a big move. They would end up in final four with a showmance, which is bad odds for both of them.

So even though both Vanessa and Johnny Mac have told Liztin they will vote to keep Austin, they have now formulated a plan to blindside him at the eviction. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that he absolutely must keep this a secret from Steve and Austin, but we’ll see if that actually happens. Vanessa promises that she’ll take care of handling Liz.

Unfortunately if something happens on Monday or Tuesday during the day to change the plan, we won’t know about it from the Big Brother Live Feeds. They went down at 9:00 AM BBT on Monday and won’t return until 9PM BBT on Tuesday night after the eviction is over.

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