Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Tonight? 7/3/2014

Most fans probably weren’t surprised by who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. The writing has been on the wall ever since the Power of Veto Ceremony went down. We certainly weren’t surprised by who went home on Big Brother tonight. We’re far more interested in the aftermath of what will happen as a consequence.

Big Brother 2014 host Julie Chen (CBS)

When you have a target that big painted on your back, there really isn’t much you can do to save yourself. Especially if everything you do to try just keeps on making it bigger! That’s the situation this week’s doomed eviction nominee found herself leading up to the live vote on Thursday night.

For anyone who has been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds this week, the eviction results for Thursday were pretty much set in stone as soon as Caleb Reynolds put up Joey Van Pelt as the replacement nominee at the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Joey pretty much dug her own hole to lay in when she outed herself as trying to form an all-girls alliance but no one wanted to work with her. Then she made things even worse when she confronted Devin, her personal target for eviction, and started talking about how she’d done the “calculations” and figured out the Big Brother code to master the game.

Things just went downhill from there after Caleb told Joey she should be prepared to go up as the renom this week. Joey decided to make a House Announcement telling everyone they should tell Caleb who they want to be nominated and not be afraid to speak the truth. So it will all be fair. That did not go over very well at all.

After Joey was nominated, she totally went kind of wacko and pulled out all the stops in her effort not to be evicted. Including the strange rampage through the house of her angry alter-ego Alex. Not only were the other Houseguests not amused, but Joey pretty much solidified a unanimous vote against herself at the eviction.

Thus, we were not at all shocked when Joey became the first Houseguest who was evicted on Big Brother 2014 on Thursday night.

Here are the live vote results:

  • Devin votes to evict Joey
  • Derrick votes to evict Joey
  • Frankie votes to evict Joey
  • Cody votes to evict Joey
  • Zach votes to evict Joey
  • Brittany votes to evict Joey
  • Nicole votes to evict Joey (that’s enough to evict)
  • Christine votes to evict Joey
  • Victoria votes to evict Joey
  • Jocasta votes to evict Joey
  • Hayden votes to evict Joey
  • Amber votes to evict Joey
  • Donny votes to evict Joey

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