Big Brother 24 Week 4 Head of Household (HOH) (07/28/22)

A major division has happened this week in the Big Brother 24 house. It’s The Leftovers versus the Girls Girls/Old Skool alliance. Last week, The Leftovers got their way by taking out Ameerah Jones. This left quite a few players pretty confused about the house dynamics and their position in the game. The Girls Girls alliance really needs to win this week’s Head of Household Competition, or it leaves room for The Leftovers to steamroll the game.

Big Brother 24 Week 4 HOH Comp

The players in most danger of eviction this week are Monte Taylor, Alyssa Snider, Indy Santos, Daniel Durston, and Nicole Layog. Monte may be the Leftovers member most in danger because he’s in a–now faux–alliance with many of the players on the other side. They have started to question his trustworthiness.

Joseph Abdin may also be in jeopardy as Monte’s Festie Bestie, but if Joseph can completely deny his involvement in this week’s blindside, he may be the safer of the pair. Alyssa and Indy could become targets from both sides of the house. The Girls Girls weren’t sure if they could trust Indy, and the day of chaos caused more people to wonder if Alyssa could be trusted.

Her nomance showmance with Kyle Capener has also made people wonder if she’s sharing too much info with him. Kyle also worries about how Alyssa may affect his long-term game. He may want her out before the jury part of the game to eliminate any discussion about them becoming a true showmance.

For many of the houseguests, Daniel and Nicole have become public enemies number one and two. Many houseguests want one or both of them out as soon as possible. Each one of these players really needs this week’s Head of Household power and safety.

On Thursday’s Live Eviction episode, the Head of Household Competition started, but we would have to wait for the results. The HOH Competition was based on the new movie The Invitation. It would happen in multiple parts. The first involved finding a red invitation in a series of envelopes. The first eight players to find them advanced to the next round. The four that didn’t find it, would be out of the HOH race.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out.



Monte is the new Head of Household!

This means that Joseph as his Festie Bestie is now safe. Terrance is also safe because he chose to join him and Joseph. Likely, Monte will nominate Taylor and Nicole, with Nicole being the target. He’ll probably nominate Taylor to keep The Leftovers undercover and keep up the narrative that they’re targeting each other. If he doesn’t nominate Taylor, Daniel and Kyle may see the block.


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