Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Kyle Wants Alyssa On The Block

The Leftovers are on a streak after forming only a few nights ago. First, they blindsided Ameerah Jones, not only by getting her on the block but then evicting her. This sent the Big Brother 24 house in a spin. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, Thursday night, we saw a lot of scrambling from the houseguests. 

Big Brother 24-Kyle, Monte, Brittany, and Michael

Half the Big Brother 24 house tried to figure out who knew about the vote flip, who didn’t know, which players could be aligned, and whether they could trust people they considered allies. The rest of the house tried to make sure they could pull off the performance of a lifetime. 

As the dust started to fade, new Head of Household Monte Taylor had to figure out how to approach this week to keep his Leftovers alliance together. One of his Festie Besties’ Joseph Abdin proposed that for this week Nicole Layog be the target. Unfortunately for The Leftovers, this meant that Taylor Hale may once again see the block.

Taylor didn’t want to go on the block again. She also didn’t want to feel used by The Leftovers. Early on Thursday, Joseph asked Taylor to tell Terrance Higgins that she overheard Ameerah and Kyle Capener discussing the Po’s Pack alliance. This was to give Monte, Kyle, Joseph, and others an excuse they could use to justify voting out Ameerah.

Big Brother 24-Taylor Hale

Taylor was hesitant about once again making herself a main character in the week, but after talking to Brittany Hoopes, she decided to go along with the plan to help build more trust within their alliance. Brittany, Michael Bruner, and Kyle all talked about letting Taylor not see the block this week.

Monte was also onboard with not nominating her, especially because he knew the importance of keeping her on their side. Joseph was the one who gave a little resistance because he knew how big of a threat Nicole is in the game. Kyle was also nervous about going on the block with his Festie Bestie Daniel Durston.

He didn’t want to go up as an initial nominee. He, however, stated that he would be open to going up with Daniel as a backdoor option. The Leftovers were only able to have a brief meeting with most of their members. Kyle, Brittany, Michael, and Monte had a longer one in the Have-Not room prior to the meeting with all of them, but Matt Turner

Big Brother 24-The Leftovers

The Have-Not room meeting was caught by Alyssa Snider, who then got suspicious of why all those players were talking in there. She then spread this information to the rest of the house. She also claimed that Taylor questioned her about going into the Have-Not room.

In the Have-Not room, Kyle suggested that they should nominate Alyssa and  Indy Santos this week because it was the safest option. It would eliminate any of The Leftovers going up on the block, takes away two votes from the other side, and they could get out someone on the other side.

Kyle also pitched Alyssa going this week because of her social game. Everyone agreed that this was the best plan. If Alyssa and Indy came off the block, they would then discuss getting out Daniel or Nicole this week as a backdoor option. 

Big Brother 24-Alyssa

In The Leftovers brief HOH meeting, they all agreed (minus Turner) that indy and Alyssa should be the nominees. Taylor also said that she would prefer not to see the block this week, despite wanting Nicole gone. However, if Alyssa and Indy won the Veto, they could open up the discussions again for her and Nicole to see the block or for Kyle and Daniel to be the replacement nominees.

Monte will probably have a lot of conversations today before he actually makes his nominations, so things could change. However, for now, expect Indy and Alyssa to go up on the block. This will definitely cause even more drama, especially because Indy is someone who could possibly have an explosive reaction to going up on the block, and Alyssa will likely feel betrayed by Monte and Kyle because of this decision. 

It could be another interesting week of Big Brother 24 Live Feeds.

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