Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: The Leftovers Plot Against Ameerah

When Matt Turner won this week’s Head of Household, it seemed as if this would be a standard Big Brother 24 week. Taylor Hale would eventually go up on the block. And this time, she may go out the Big Brother doors.

However, the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds got a big jolt of action over the weekend. Some of the male players came together and realized that they were playing Checkers, not Chess.

Big Brother 24-The Leftovers

Alyssa Snider‘s crush on Kyle Capener has resulted in her oversharing some game details. This game flaw has given Kyle some ammunition to form an alliance to go against her alliance. Joseph Abdin also started to piece together that Taylor may not be the wicked game mastermind that has been rumored in the house. 

He also realized that he is likely on the shortlist of players to go next after Taylor’s eviction. In the early hours of the morning/late at night on Friday, Kyle, Joseph, Monte Taylor, and Turner start to piece together that they need to take action before they’re picked off one by one.

Alyssa gave Kyle vital information about the Old Skool alliance. This alliance consists of Jasmine Davis, Terrance Higgins, Daniel Durston, Nicole Layog, Alyssa, and Ameerah. With this information, Kyle assumed that this was the root alliance running the game. He needed his own alliance to counteract this one.

The Pound alliance (consisting of Turner, Kyle, Monte, and Joseph) came up with a plan to add three more members to their already existing alliance. They thought now would be the best chance to pull in Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor because they are perceived to be on the outside of the house. They’re expendable to most of the other houseguests.

Big Brother 24-Joseph Abdin

It all came down to what happened at the Power of Veto Competition. Monte, Kyle, Turner, and Joseph wanted anyone to win it but Ameerah or Terrance, so that they could become the backdoor option.

Ameerah was selected as this week’s target because they saw her as “the head of the snake.” They saw her as the main leader of Old Skool–leading the charge to get them out.

They also knew that Ameerah had put a major target on Joseph and wanted his blood soon. They also felt that Ameerah was too controlling within the game.

Big Brother 24-Joseph Abdin and Ameerah Jones

When Nicole and Taylor were selected to play in the Veto Competition, it put the Pound alliance a little bit closer to getting Ameerah out this week. When Michael and Brittany won the Veto, it put them a lot closer to their plan.

Monte, Kyle, and Joseph were itching to talk to Brittany, Taylor, and Michael to set their alliance in motion. They first spoke to Michael and Brittany to explain to them that they wanted to work with them. With other houseguests everywhere, they didn’t have enough time to fully go into details with them. However, the seeds were planted for the alliance to form. 

Pound also started to plant seeds with Taylor. Prior to the Veto Competition, Taylor tried to offer some support and comfort to Nicole. Because Nicole came out of the Diary Room crying, players worried it may have been news about her mother.

Big Brother 24-Monte Taylor

However, Nicole interpreted Taylor’s attempt at comfort as her trying to manipulate her into quitting the game, or at the very least, not participating in this week’s Veto, which would benefit Taylor’s game. Nicole spoke to her alliance members about throwing the Veto Competition if it was a competition that involved working with your Festie Bestie.

This would make Taylor vulnerable to going up on the block. However, during the actual competition, Nicole didn’t throw it. Taylor just wasn’t a match for Michael and Brittany.

This misinterpretation of Taylor’s intentions led to Nicole reprimanding her, and Daniel apparently “blowing up” at Taylor. He even brought up Paloma Aguilar’s exit and how he felt Taylor contributed to it.

Daniel and Nicole’s tension with Taylor made her certain that she would go up this week. However, Monte dropped hints that a different plan could be in the works. Joseph also tried to comfort Taylor by being a friend. Every time he talked to Taylor, Ameerah questioned him about it.

Big Brother 24-Kyle Capener

She also told the others he couldn’t be trusted. This further led to the Pound wanting Ameerah out.

Around 1:30 am BBT, the plan to get Ameerah out really started to build momentum. Taylor finally came to the Head of Household room. Monte, Kyle, and Turner were already in it.

They then let Taylor know that they felt bad for her because of what they’ve seen and how she’s been ostracized in the house. They also knew that with the Nicole situation from earlier in the day that things weren’t as Nicole made them seem. They then spilled a lot of game information.

They told her that she was always the backdoor plan for the week. They also told her how the women were never really on her side. They told her about the Old Skool alliance, and how Nicole picked her as her Festie Bestie to get her out of the game.

Big Brother 24-Taylor, Brittany, Michael, Turner, Kyle, and Monte

Eventually, Brittany, Joseph, and Michael also made their way up to the Head of Household room. The Pound alliance told Brittany, Taylor, and Michael that if they didn’t act now, the Old Skool alliance would take them all out.

They wanted to backdoor Ameerah this week and needed to all commit to this plan if it would work. They also wanted to form a new 7-person alliance with them.

Everyone agreed to it; The Leftovers were formed.

The plan for Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony is for Michael and Brittany to come off the block. Then Ameerah and Terrance go up on it. To not expose their alliance, they’re all supposed to pretend that they had no clue this was about to happen.

In his nomination speech, Turner will claim he’s nominating Ameerah and Terrance because they don’t talk game with him. He also wants to give Taylor another chance in the game by not nominating her. 

Big Brother 24-The Leftovers

They don’t want Ameerah to know that she’s the target, so they’re going to make it seem like either Terrance or her could be evicted this week. Before the Veto Ceremony happens, the Leftovers want to pretend that Taylor is still the backdoor plan.

Whether the Leftovers take charge of this game depends on whether they can execute their plan to evict Ameerah and what happens at the next Head of Household Competition.

Are you excited about the Leftovers?

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