Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Care Package Winner! 10/21/2016

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Big Brother Over the Top‘s week 4 care package. This week’s America’s care package gave one Big Brother Over the Top houseguest immunity from nominations and eviction. Once again, the Misfit fans and the Ball Smashers fans have been at war trying to have the vote go their way.

Big Brother Over the Top

The Misfit fans campaigned for Shelby Stockton to win this week’s America’s Care Package. They mainly wanted it for the entertainment value. Another set of Misfit fans wanted it just to prevent Alex from getting it.

The other side of the coin was all for an Alex Willett care package win. In the end…the Ball Smashers’ fans, or just Alex ones won, because Alex Willett won this week’s Big Brother Over the Top care package!! She got the Safety Servant prize.

The Week 3 Care Package Big Brother Over the Top

As this week’s care package holder, Alex is immune from eviction. However, she must serve current head of household Kryssie Ridolfi all week. The best part of this punishment is that Big Brother gives Alex her orders: the tasks she must perform for Kryssie. It should be a fun week with Alex having the torture of being a servant to Kryssie, who she isn’t very fond of at the moment.

Big Brother Over the Top

It will also be fun seeing how Kryssie deals with trying to find a new target.

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