Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night 10/19/2016?

A few days ago, Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian announced that he would host this week’s Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition. CBS then disclosed that this competition would be the ‘Perfect Shot’ one. The one Paul won and evicted Da’Vonne Rogers.

Big Brother Over the Top Paul Abrahamian

The only difference was that there would be some added twists to make it a little harder for the Big Brother Over the Top players. The players had to search through balls for tokens, which could be exchanged for balls to roll down the curved ramp.

Players could exchange as many tolkens as they had for that many balls. The BBOTT houseguests also had an hour limit. If no one scored the winning shot by the hour mark, the game reset and went into overdrive.

Big Brother Over the Top Alex Willett

We also knew this competition would involve Alex Willett being handicapped, with beer goggles, due to her punishment from the Veto competition from a week ago.

The house is still pretty much divided between the Misfits and the Ball Smashers, with a little integration. Therefore, in order to keep their side safe this week, everyone would be intensely competing for this week’s head of household title. So which side came out on top?

Big Brother Over the Top Week 4

The Misfits! Kryssie Ridolfi scored the winning ball that made her this week’s head of household. A Misfit should be safe, unless America takes action against them by making one of them the third nominee.

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