Big Brother 23’s third episode featured the first Power of Veto Competition of the season. It was a fun episode that had the current Big Brother 2021 Head of Household Brandon “Frenchie” French in a tizzy as he tried to figure out what to do when his nomination options kept getting a lot smaller. It was also a big episode for Derek Xiao as he came from out of the Big Brother 23 shadows to become the star of the night.

Big Brother 23 Top 5 Episode 3

Frenchie nominated Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young to the block for eviction and quickly realized this was a mistake. To remedy this error, he needed to find a replacement nominee. He found a new target but obviously, things didn’t go as planned on Big Brother 23.  Here are the top 5 moments from this week’s Wednesday Big Brother 2021 episode.

#5 Frenchie’s Blown Showmance Theory

Frenchie wanted to target “meatheads” and showmances during his reign as HOH. When his “meathead” target, Christian Birkenberger won safety with the Wildcard competition, Frenchie shifted gears and set his sights on the next best thing (in his mind). He nominated Alyssa to the block as Christian’s showmance partner.

As soon as the dust settled from the nomination ceremony, Frenchie realized his mistake. He assumed that Christian and Alyssa were in a showmance on just day three of the Big Brother 23 season. Alyssa quickly set him straight. With egg on his face, Frenchie had to move to plan B.

#4 There’s A Lookout At The Cookout

A new alliance is emerging in the Big Brother 23 house, and they are calling themselves the Cookout. This group includes Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, and Kyland. Tiffany is claiming rights as head chef of the Cookout and has named herself the Grillmaster. Let’s keep an eye on this alliance to potentially go deep in the game.

Big Brother 23 Cookout Alliance

#3 Frenchie Starts Snooping Around the Big Brother 23 House

After Frenchie blew his nominations to the block for eviction, he needed a new target. His spidey senses kicked in and overheard Derek Xiao talking about what a mess Frenchie’s HOH has been this week. Derek was telling Travis Long how Frenchie was running around putting out fires that didn’t exist. This gave Frenchie the ammunition he needed to target Derek X. before Derek X had an opportunity to target him.

#2 Derek X. Wins Safety With Power of Veto Victory

The one person Frenchie hoped would not win the POV this week was Derek X., but that is exactly what happened. Derek X. was his new target, but now Frenchie needed a new plan once Derek X. won POV. To make matters worse, he also had to convince Derek X. to use his POV powers so that he could nominate a new Big Brother 23 houseguest to the block for eviction.

#1 Derek X. Uses His POV Powers

To save the shipwreck of a week for Frenchie, he needed to convince Derek X. to use the POV. Kyland was on the block as a pawn, and Frenchie promised all the females safety during his week as HOH. After some serious talks and promises, Derek X. did use his POV and saved Kyland from the block.

Travis Long Big Brother 23

Although Frenchie had promised Travis safety this week, he went back on his word and nominated him to the block. Moving forward, Frenchie is going to have a difficult time convincing any of his fellow Big Brother 23 houseguests that his word means much of anything after all his broken promises this week.

After everything was said and done, either Travis or Alyssa will be the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 23 house during the live eviction tonight. Make sure to tune in to tonight’s Big Brother 23 episode to see who goes home and check back tomorrow morning for a recap of the great moments from this week’s eviction episode.

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