Big Brother 23 Episode 2: Wild Card Competition & Nominations

Tonight, Big Brother fans get ready to enjoy another exciting episode. During the premiere episode just a few days back, 4 new Team Captains were crowned, and their teams were picked. After the 4 new Team Captains competed against one another, Frenchie French and the Jokers won safety for the week.

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Now, a new twist will unfold this evening as we will watch the Wild Card competition play out. We will see which houseguest won the competition, but also the risk that was given to the winner in this risk versus reward-themed season. In addition, Frenchie will make the first nominations to the block for eviction for the Big Brother 23 season. Here we go!

Big Brother 23 Houseguests Get Settled In

As it goes every year on move-in day, the Big Brother houseguests go bonkers when they finally get to run around the house and check out all the cool new decorations. After the initial excitement dies down a bit, the houseguests sit down in the living room and introduce themselves to one another.

The have-nots for the week are the Kings because they finished last in the Head of Household (HOH) competition. Big Brother outdid themselves once again with the have-not room. It is decorated with the continued beach club theme with wave runners in the beds and fishing crates pushed together to make beds. Christain Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Xavier Prather, and Sarah Beth Steagall will enjoy those lovely accommodations, slop for all their meals, and don’t forget the cold showers.

Let the Big Brother 23 Alliances Begin

Frenchie and his new teammate, Derek Frazier, are the first two houseguests to make a ride-or-die pact with one another. Derek F. just loves Frenchie and doesn’t think anyone will guess they are working together. I have a feeling this is the first of many alliances to come.

Frenchie tells Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha, and Claire Rehfuss that he will not nominate a female this week, and they are all safe this week. He just asks that they return the favor. Later, he tells Alyssa Lopez that she has no worries about being nominated to the block either.

Frenchie tells the diary room that he is going to shake things up this season and will be the Showmance Killer…dum, da dum, dum, duuum. Then he tells Tiffany Mitchell she is safe along with Sarah Beth Steagall. He is now ready to put his plan in motion and go after one of the “meatheads” in the house.

After having his first one-on-one with a “meathead”, Frenchie ends up making yet another promise to keep Brent Champagne safe this week. The two end up hugging it out. So much for Frenchie’s plans.

The Big Brother Wild Card Competition

The three nonimmune Big Brother teams will be sending one member from each team to compete in the Wild Card competition. This week the Jokers will sit out of the competition as they are already safe. The winning houseguest can guarantee safety for him/her/themselves but not for their entire team, maybe. Earning safety each week comes with a unique Wild Card decision that will be revealed after the winner is announced.

Kyland Young from the Queens, Christian from the Kings, and Hannah from the Aces will be playing in the WC competition. This comp is called Do Not Disturb. The houseguests must enter a trashed hotel room to retrieve their keys, wallet, and phone in under 5 minutes and be the quietest. Players are penalized every time they make a sound over 80 decibels.

After each player has their turn retrieving their items from the hotel room, it is time to calculate everyone’s score. Hannah earned 414 points, Christian earned only 125 points, and Kyland earned a whopping 486 points.

Christian is the winner of the first WC competition and is safe for the week. Christian now must spin a wheel that decides how many of his teammates are safe for the week. If he does not spin a 3, he must select which of his Big Brother houseguests will be safe with him. He spins a 1 so he can pick one other person to be safe with him this week.

Based on Frenchie’s promise to keep the females safe for the week, Christian knew his female teammates would be safe so he chose Xavier to keep safe with him. He now feels as though his entire team is safe for the week.

Week One Block Nominations

Because Frenchie’s plans were blown up with Christian winning safety for the week and Frenchie’s master plan to target a meathead, he decides to go after the next best thing in his mind…Alyssa??? Frenchie thinks there is a potential showmance between Alyssa and Christian, so he is going to break his week number one promise NOT to nominate any females to the block. How is this going to sit with the females in the Big Brother 23 house?

Frenchie nominated Kyland and Alyssa to the block for eviction in the Big Brother 23 house this week. He told Kyland that he chose him because he needed someone he could trust in the Power of Veto competition. He also told the table that he had a dream last night that he went fishing. To catch fish, you need to have the perfect bait, and I am assuming Frenchie was implying he was using Alyssa as bait???…maybe. Frenchie is all over the place. He has already broken his promise not to nominate any females to the block.

Tune in again Wednesday, July 14 at 8/7c for the Power of Veto competition.

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