5 Best Moments From The Big Brother 23 Episode 2

Last night Big Brother 23 aired the second episode of the season. We saw Brandon “Frenchie” French‘s reign as Head of Household, the first Wildcard Competition, and some of the first alliances start to take form.  A lot went down on this Big Brother 2021 episode, but a few moments stuck out a little more than others. 

Big Brother 23 Alyssa Lopez Week 1 Nominations

Let’s take a look at the moments from Big Brother 23’s second episode that caught our attention the most. 

The Houseguests’ Introductions

The Big Brother 23 Houseguests meet

The first episode of Big Brother 2021 focused a lot more on competition than the introduction of the houseguests. Personally, I enjoy seeing the houseguests sit around in a circle, introduce themselves, and give their first impression in their Diary Room sessions. We understand that the premiere episode was live so the producers couldn’t really have the introductions play out live, so it was nice to see it happen on the second episode. 

Frenchie Un-Targets Brent

Big Brother 23 Brandon Frenchie French

In the DR and to the houseguests, Frenchie made this big declaration about going after the “meatheads” first. He considers the meatheads to be Brent Champagne, Christian Birkenberger, Xavier Prather, and Travis Long. He also stated that he would not nominate a woman this week. Frenchie has one conversation with Brent and he changes his mind completely.

To Brent’s credit, he did get personal with Frenchie and share about his father’s suicide and how people misjudge him because he looks a certain way. Brent opening up allowed Frenchie to change gears on to Christian. 

The Wildcard Competition Plays Out

Big Brother 23 Christian Birkenberger Wins Wildcard Competition

Frenchie’s target Christian plan went right out the window when Christian won the Wildcard Competition. It was fun to see this competition play out, but I found it more interesting to see how the Big Brother 23 teams decided on who to pick. We saw a lot more of “I don’t know do you want to play?” and less of actual strategy going down. 

Frenchie’s Wheel Of Promises

Big Brother 23 Houseguests

Frenchie made a ton of promises in this Big Brother 23 episode. They were only about ten percent of the actual promises he made throughout the week to various players. The show also missed the 4,000 alliances he created. We do, however, appreciate the attempt to show some of Frenchie’s erratic gameplay. The show managed to get some of the confusion we all felt watching it on the feeds in the episode, so props for Big Brother editors for doing their best.

The Nomination Ceremony

Big Brother 23 Alyssa Lopez Week 1 Nominations

Frenchie’s questionable game choices really came through during the nomination ceremony. Alyssa Lopez wins the award for the best reaction of the night. She was so bewildered, confused, and angry over Frenchie’s decision to nominate Kyland Young and her. Us too, Alyssa, us too. 

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