Big Brother 23 Episode 1: Welcome to the $750,000 Big Brother Beach Club

Big Brother 23 is premiering tonight on CBS with a 90-minute LIVE episode hosted by none other than the illustrious Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to another fun season of episode recaps right here on Big Brother Access. Tonight, fans will finally get to meet all the new houseguests and see find out some of the new twists planned for Big Brother 23.

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16 new houseguests will move into the Big Brother house tonight to compete for the largest prize in Big Brother history awarded to the last houseguest standing. Houseguests will be sequestered together for over 90 days with no communication with the outside world where they will vote out one of their own each week.  Buckle up fans, as we kick off another exciting year of Big Brother!

Big Brother Move-In Day

The first group of houseguests includes Travis Long, Derek Frazier, Brandon Frenchie French, and Xavier Prather. Travis is a hunky salesman that’s easy on the eyes and has a great personality. Derek is the son of the infamous boxer, Joe Frazier, and wants to bring new notoriety to the family. Frenchie is a farmer with a military background and a super Big Brother fan. Xavier is a lawyer that has modeled (hot, hot, hot) and fights for the underdog.

The first four houseguests enter the Big Brother house together and compete against one another in the Kick-Off Competition. The winner will immediately have the power to change the course of the game, and they will also be allowed to compete in the Head of Household (HOH) competition later in the evening.

The Kick-Off competition has the houseguests arranging 5 plexiglass pieces to match the poster on the easel behind them. The first to buzz in with the correct poster will win the competition. Frenchie was the first to buzz in, but his poster was incorrect. After continuing along, Frenchie identified his mistake and won the first competition.

First four Big Brother houseguests standing on a stage with Julie Chen Moonves

The next group to enter the Big Brother house is all-female and includes Azah Awasum has a family originally from Africa and has over 300 cousins, yes 300! Next up is Britini D’Angelo, and she has overcome her autism. She is a 3-time world karate champion. Alyssa Lopez enters, and she is a swimsuit designer. She feels like her social game will be her best asset and people underestimate her because of her good looks. Finally, Whitney Williams joins the group. She is a single mom with two sons. She feels like people also underestimate her because of how she looks.

The first four female houseguests compete against one another.

The girls head to the backyard to compete in the same competition as the first four guys, but they are using a different poster. Whitney was the first to correctly complete her puzzle and won. FYI, the guys from the previous move-in and competition are on the balcony above watching the girls as they compete against one another.

Next up are four more gentlemen to move into the Big Brother house. Kyland Young is the first up with this group. He likes to work with non-profits and is very proud of being multiracial, Mexican American and African American. Christian Birkenberger is a GC assistant and is in love with his curly locks. He thinks he will be underestimated in the Big Brother house. Derek Xiao is very competitive and strives to be the best in everything he does. Finally, Brent Champagne enters. He is a flight attendant that has traveled the world. He’s going to use his charm to get ahead in the BB house.

As the first 8 houseguests look down on the 4 new houseguests in the backyard, they are working diligently to complete the Kick-Off competition first. Christian is the winner of this group and will be competing for the HOH title later.

The final four houseguests get their chance to move into the Big Brother house. Sarah Beth Steagall is a forensic scientist for the state of Florida. She knows how to stay calm under pressure and loves cosplay. Hannah Chaddha is a medical school graduate student who plans to tell her fellow houseguests that she is simply a college student studying fashion. Claire Rehfuss loves the strategy of Big Brother and wants to be surrounded by strong women in the house. Tiffany Mitchell owns her own mobile phlebotomist company. She is also a single mom who doesn’t look or act 40.

The last four houseguests compete in the Kick-Off competition while the other 12 houseguests watch them from above. Claire is the first houseguest to correctly place the panels in her poster and wins the competition. She will compete later in the HOH competition.

Draft Day in the Big Brother House

Frenchie, Whiney, Claire, and Christian all won their Kick-Off competitions. They are now team captains as this year the game will be played in teams of four. The four team captains will spin a giant slot machine and watch a short video on two of the houseguests. They must then select which of the two houseguests shown they would like to have on their team. This will continue with each team captain until all teams are filled. Each team must have 2 men and 2 women.

Frenchie is team captain of the Jokers and must select between Hannah and Azah. He chose Azah. Whitney is captain of the Aces and first chose Brent over Travis. Christian is captain of the Kings and chose Alyssa over Tiffany. To top off the first round, Claire is captain of the Queens. She chose Kyland over Xavier.

In the second round, Frenchie chose Britini over Sarah Beth. Whitney chose Derek X. over Derek F. Christian chose Xavier over Derek F. Claire chose Tiffany over Sarah Beth. In the last round, Frenchie chose Derek F. over Travis. Whitney chose Hannah over Sarah Beth. By default, Sarah Beth went with Christian and Travis went with Claire. All four teams are set and are as follows:

Frenchie is team captain of the Jokers with Azah, Britini, and Derek F. Whitney is team captain of the Aces with Brent, Derek X., and Hannah. Christian is team captain of the Kings with Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth. Finally, Claire is team captain of the Aces with Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis.

Week One Head of Household Competition

The first HOH competition will pit the four teams against one another while the captain of the winning team will become the first HOH of the season. The entire winning team will be safe for the week.

The competition is called House of Cards. They must build a triangular house of cards on their platform. The twist is that the other teammates must balance the platform for their team captain. In addition, the giant playing cards hanging above them will descend throughout the competition and could topple their puzzle.

The winning captain will hit their buzzer first with the house cards balanced on the platform. The last place team will become have-nots for the week. The have-nots this season will have to take cold showers, eat slop and sleep in very uncomfortable situations.

The competition gets underway, and it does not take long. Frenchie and the Jokers are the first to successfully complete their puzzle. The Queens came in second place while the Aces came in third. The Kings came in last place and will be have-nots fro the week.

Julie announced that the grand prize of Big Brother this year will receive $750,000. Holy moly Big Brother…we didn’t expect that, pun intended. In addition, Julie offered Frenchie a crazy deal. He was offered to try and land 2 oversized dice on a platform. If he does so in 45 seconds, he and his team will win safety next week also. If he is not able to complete the task, he will no longer be HOH this week, and his entire team is no longer safe. Claire would become HOH as she came in second place in the competition.

After contemplating and discussing the options with his teammates, Frenchie decided NOT to take Julie’s offer and will happily remain HOH this week with his team all being safe from eviction. For the heck of it, Julie had Frenchie try the task to see if he would have won…and he did with 2 seconds left on the clock.

Julie said goodnight to the houseguests. Tune back in this Sunday, July 11 at 8/7c to find out who Frenchie nominates for eviction. Also, a new competition called the Wild Card competition will be unveiled. This competition will give the houseguests an additional chance to take a big risk for a game-changing reward. Then on Wednesday, July 14 at 8/7c, the Power of Veto competition could save someone from eviction. The first live vote and eviction will be held on Thursday, July 15 at 8/7c.

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Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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