Big Brother 23 Episode 3 Recap: First Power of Veto Tonight!

Tonight, we get ready to watch the first Power of Veto (POV) competition of the summer of Big Brother 23. The current Head of Household (HOH), Brandon “Frenchie” French, has nominated Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez to the block for eviction tomorrow evening.

Frenchie Big Brother HOH

Kyland and Alyssa will both be fighting for their lives tonight to win the POV and take themselves off the block. Frenchie has had one of the messiest starts in Big Brother history. With the way he has broken promises to the Big Brother 23 house already, it’s hard to tell who he is targeting or if he now has plans to backdoor a houseguest tomorrow night at the live eviction.

Week One Block Nominees Fallout

Alyssa is clearly Frenchie’s target (as of now) for the week and Kyland is his pawn after the block nomination’s speech. Alyssa is completely blind-sided as Frenchie promised all females safety during his reign as Big Brother 23 HOH during week one.

Due to his hatred of showmances, Frenchie has deemed himself the “Showmance Killer” and decided to go after Alyssa once Christian Birkenberger won himself safety with the new Wild Card competition. Christian was originally his target because he is a “meathead”. When Christian won safety for himself, Frenchie said he went after the next best thing, his showmance partner. The problem is, are Alyssa and Christian really in a showmance?

Alyssa is dumbfounded with Frenchie’s block nominees as are many other Big Brother 23 houseguests including his own Joker teammates. Kyland is literally in tears over the decision, and he has been consoled by Derek Frazier.

Alyssa Lopez Big Brother 23

Alyssa and Christian approached Frenchie where he spilled the Big Brother 23 beans about his thoughts on showmances. He was a bit shocked when he was told they were absolutely NOT in a showmance. Frenchie admitted in the diary room that he may have made a mistake. May have made a mistake Frenchie? Whew… This guy needs to get it together and quickly.

Frenchie Targets New Houseguests for Eviction

Frenchie is now on the hunt for a new target this week. He overheard Derek Xiao and Travis Long talking about how Frenchie is trying to put out fires in the Big Brother 23 house that don’t even exist. They continued by stating that Frenchie may burn the house down, and they need to protect the house.

Frenchie also confided in Brent Champagne about his plans to go after Derek X. Well, it just so happens that Derek X. and Brent are on the same team together, the Aces, so Brent felt it necessary to warn Derek X. about Frenchie’s intentions. Derek X. is now gunning to compete in the POV competition to thwart Frenchie’s plans.

New Alliances Form in the Big Brother 23 House

This new alliance plans to stay low and come together only when needed. This group will include Derek F., Azah Awasum, Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, and Kyland. This group is pretty in tune with the house. Tiffany has claimed she is the head of this group and is calling herself the Grillmaster.

Week One Power of Veto Competition

The picks were made for the POV competition. They include Tiffany, Travis, and Derek X. Joining them will be the block nominees, Kyland and Alyssa, as well as the HOH Frenchie. This was the worst-case scenario for Frenchie as he plans to target Derek X. or Travis for eviction now in a backdoor plan. Let the chips fall where they may. Big Brother 23 is not disappointing in week one.

The first POV competition gets underway. This competition is called Massive Cocktails. The houseguests must roll their “cherry” (red ball) down a massive drink starting at the top under an umbrella and into a cup at the bottom. The ball must follow a specific route that is guided by the placement of large slices of fruit (AKA garnishes) by the houseguests. The first to successfully land their cherry in the cup at the bottom will win the first POV of Big Brother 23.

Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Week One

Derek X. is the first houseguest to finish his puzzle and is safe for the week. Alyssa knows she just lost her one chance at safety this week. Now that Derek X. can’t be targeted for a backdoor eviction, Alyssa is worried she may become the target this week being that she is already on the block.

Week One POV Ceremony

Derek X. is on top of the world now that he has stopped Frenchie from backdooring him this week. He spoke privately with Frenchie about whether or not to use the POV. Frenchie wants him to use the POV to save Kyland so he can put Travis in his place. Frenchie tells Derek X. that people in the Big Brother house want Travis gone, and if he doesn’t get evicted this week, they are coming after Derek X. next week.

Poor Travis feels completely safe because Frenchie promised him safety at the beginning of the week when they entered the Big Brother 23 house together. Hasn’t he seen Frenchie break promise after promise this week already? His safety is nothing but on the line.

At the POV ceremony, Derek X. decided to use the power and save Kyland. Once Kyland was taken off the block, Frenchie must now choose another houseguest to nominate to the block in his place. Once again, Frenchie broke another promise and nominated Travis to the block for eviction. That means either Alyssa or Travis will be the first houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house.

Join us tomorrow night, Thursday, July 15 at 8/7c for the first live eviction in the Big Brother 23 house.


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