Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 98: The Final Countdown

Yesterday marked the official final day of the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds. Yes guys, this is our last daily highlights piece. We’ve hoped you’ve enjoy them and we’ll probably do it all over again for Big Brother 21. Now let’s get to the meat of this final Big Brother Live Feeds day.

The worry of life outside of Big Brother still laid heavy on Jackson Michie‘s mind. Meanwhile, Holly Allen worried about her chances of winning the game, and Nicole Anthony missed home. She became a little emotional about the finale and her game thus far. She was sure that there wasn’t much of a chance to go further in the Big Brother 21 game with the Jackson and Holly showmance still going strong. Meanwhile, Holly and Jackson discussed whether they should break the news to Nicole about their plans to take each other to the finals, or should they let her campaign to them.

Nicole made plans to speak to them during Taco Tuesday. After the final Taco Tuesday, Nicole campaigned individually to both Jackson and Holly. She had a similar campaign to each, and she said she didnt know which one would really win next to each other. She mentioned how it’s easier to campaign next to an individual than someone you’ve been working with all season. She also said that she knew this wouldn’t be a likely outcome, but she wanted to be considered. She jokes about being evicted next, but she really wants to be in the final two. Nicole added that she didn’t think she would win next to either of them, but she would be honored to lose next to both.

In between the stressing and emotions, Big Brother called them into the Diary Rooms for last minute footage for tonight’s Big Brother 21 finale. The houseguests also began the stressful task of packing three months worth of living into small suitcases.

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