Big Brother 23 Week 1 Alliances Updates: Roundup Of All Major Alliances Formed So Far

So here we are with another season of Big Brother upon us which means it’s time to start talking Big Brother 23 alliances. No one can win the game of Big Brother alone or even make it very far in the game without the help and protection from their fellow houseguests. Alliances are simply a necessity and therefore major component of the game.

Big Brother 23 alliance tree showing the alliance names and members
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After the first few days as the Big Brother 23 Head of Household, BrandonFrenchie” French has been a busy man, wheeling and dealing with all of the houseguests, and I do mean all of them. He’s already proving to be a tough player to follow but don’t worry. We will be here all season to break down all of the Big Brother 23 alliance drama inside the Big Brother 23 house. Let’s dig in.

The most obvious place to start with alliance talk week one would be with the ready-made alliances Big Brother 23 created with the four separate teams to kick off the season. The Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jokers would seem to be a logical start. The houseguests don’t seem concerned with sticking with their teams and are venturing out on their own.

The next logical place to look for newly formed alliances in the Big Brother 23 house would be with the first HOH, Frenchie. Oh Frenchie, what can we say here? He has changed his mind about his allies and targets more in the first few days of gameplay than we see with some houseguests all season. That’s just a fact.

Before Frenchie ever stepped foot inside the Big Brother 23 house, in his mind, he created the Slaughterhouse. He has managed to bring his dreamy alliance to fruition. This alliance includes literally half of the house, and the members are Frenchie, Kyland Young, Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, Brent Champagne, and Whitney Williams.

Big Brother 23 houseguests talking in the living room

Within the Slaughterhouse alliance lives a stronger core group called the Butchers. That core includes Frenchie, Kyland, Christian, Derek F., and Xavier. Interesting to note is that Frenchie is in a house majority alliance with three gentlemen he referred to as “meatheads” and swore to eliminate. He is also allied with Alyssa that he put on the block for eviction. Not to mention that he has said Kyland and Xavier make him nervous. To say Frenchie is all over the place in Big Brother 23 is a gross understatement.

Another substantive alliance in the Big Brother 23 house is the Cookout. This crew includes Azah Awasum, Derek F., Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier, Kyland, and Hannah Chaddha (unofficial member). As you can see, Derek F., Kyland, and Xavier are double-dipping, but this is Big Brother after all.

As happens every year, an all-girls alliance has been working its way through the game. The exact members of that group seem to keep changing, but Tiffany, Claire Rehfuss, and Sarah Beth Steagall seemed to have finalized an alliance just today named the Jackpot. You Go Girls! Previous Tiffany, Azah, Claire, and Britini D’Angelo formed an all-girls alliance call Kings Slayer.

New alliances and deals seem to be happening at every moment, just yesterday, Frenchie formed yet another new alliance called “French Kiss(es)” with Tiffany, Claire, Hannah, Azah, and Sarah Beth. We expect fifty more alliances to form by the end of next week.

As shown in the Big Brother 23 alliance chart above, several final two pacts have been set, such as Frenchie’s final two with Derek F, and he also has one with Brent. But Derek F is also in a final two with Christian. I can’t trust any deals Frenchie has made at this point. Hopefully, he will settle down a bit and we will have a better idea of what is real and what is not. Tiffany and Whitney seem to have a solid final two, as do Travis Long and Derek Xiao.

The bottom line with the week one Big Brother 23 alliance roundup is that it is early in the game, very early. In addition, the HOH has made everyone’s heads spin inside and outside of the house. Once someone wins HOH that isn’t trying to play an entire season within one week’s timeframe, we may be able to better determine which alliances will stick and which will quickly fall to the wayside.

Join us again next week as we sift through all the changes to the Big Brother 23 alliances, newly formed alliances, and see where the dust settles after Frenchie is no longer at the helm.

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