Big Brother Over the Top Week 4 Saturday Safety Ceremony Results (10/22/16)

On Thursday, Big Brother Over the Top host Julie Chen announced that America would choose between three players. This meant that the players had to beat out two people to win $250,000. It also meant that the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests needed to rethink their strategy to get to the end.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 4 Safety Ceremomy Part 1

During yesterday’s live diary sessions, the Late Night Jamboree and the Ball Smashers revealed their strategies to make it to the end. Most of the LNJ wanted to take their friends to the end. Many said that they rather lose against a player they respected than a a player they felt manipulated, lied, and cheated their way to the end.

The Ball Smashers mainly said the opposite. They wanted to get to the end with two players that they knew America didn’t like. Scott Dennis also mentioned how he was going to try to convince current head of household Kryssie Ridolfi that they needed to make it to the final two together.

Scott felt that they were probably equal in popularity, so it would be a toss up over who would win. Scott needed to use this strategy to ensure that Kryssie didn’t make him her target for this week.

We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if Scott’s strategy is working. For now, Kryssie chose to keep it simple by making her Late Night Jamboree friends safe this week.

She made Justin Duncan, Neeley Jackson, and Danielle Lickey safe during Saturday’s safety ceremony. We expect Kryssie to make Jason Roy safe as well. Who will join him in safety is yet to be determined.

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