Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Highlights From A Day Of Chaos

This Monday in the Big Brother 24 house should be called the day of a thousand chaotic conversations, misconceptions, and decisions. The Big Brother 24 Live Feeds were at their best on Monday. It all kicked off when Head of Household Matt Turner nominated Ameerah Jones and Terrance Higgins at this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony.

Daniel and Nicole on BB24

The newly formed Leftovers alliance were the only houseguests that knew what was about to happen because they planned it. This sent those not in the know in a tailspin. Those in the know had had to put on Emmy-level performances. This allowed them to pretend that they were just as oblivious as everyone else. The Leftovers taking a bite out of the other side led to one of the most exciting days of the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds.

Let’s highlight some of the big moments.

Nicole And Daniel Create A Scene

Big Brother 24 Nicole And Daniel


Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog have been the strongest pair in Big Brother 24 (so far). However, their relationship hit a major bump yesterday when things got tough for them.  Turner put some suspicion on Daniel by warning him a few minutes prior to the Power of Veto Ceremony that Nicole and Taylor Hales were not going on the block.

He then mentioned to Jasmine Davis that only three people knew of his plan before it happened. He mentioned that Daniel was one of those people. Big Brother 24 is all about the telephone game. Jasmine took this information and spread it around the house. This led to several players being suspicious of whether Daniel was not a trustworthy player. 

Obviously, Nicole defended Daniel to those suspicious of him, but this made her look a little suspicious as well. Nicole and others were having a conversation about whether Turner really wanted to target Ameerah and Terrance, or whether they were kind of collateral damage when he couldn’t target Indy Santos because of Alyssa Snider. Unbeknownst to those in the room, which included Alyssa, Nicole, Ameerah, and Monte Taylor, Indy was in the room and heard this conversation.

This sent Nicole spiraling because she was the one who suggested this to Alyssa. Nicole became annoyed that Alyssa put her game in jeopardy by saying this in front of Indy. She stormed off in the most dramatic fashion. She also declared that she couldn’t trust anyone in this game. Daniel saw Nicole upset and tried to talk to her, but she told him she needed space. 

A few minutes later, Ameerah and Monte talked to Nicole about what happened. She vented to them about how she couldn’t work with Alyssa. If Alyssa said this kind of stuff in a group setting, who knows what she could be saying in private, especially to Turner and Kyle Capener. 

A few minutes later, Alyssa came out and was confused about what she did wrong. Once Nicole explained, she continued to apologize. Later, Nicole tried to talk to Daniel, but he wasn’t having it. He was upset that Nicole didn’t want to talk to him but could talk to other players. After some pouting and tears, Nicole and Daniel reconciled. 

Terrance Gives Up, But Then Rejoins The Game

Terrance Higgins Big Brother 24

Right after being nominated, Terrance accepted his game fate. He got emotional and told Ameerah that he wanted her to stay in the game. He was ready to give up his game for her. However, after having several conversations with people who told him that he still had a chance, he knew he needed to fight.

He thought he could get Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor’s votes. He just needed to get three more to stay. He went to talk to Nicole about maybe getting Daniel and her votes–you know because they are in a three-person alliance. Nicole got emotional and said that she cared about both Ameerah and him and didn’t know what to do.

Prior to this conversation, Nicole told Daniel that she wanted to keep Terrance and vote out Ameerah. She just didn’t know if they could get the votes. By the end of the night, Nicole had decided to keep Ameerah and vote out Terrance. However, we expect Daniel and Nicole to switch their votes again and again until Thursday’s eviction.

Terrance thinks he only needs three votes, but at the moment, he’s the one staying in the game. No one but The Leftovers knows this yet. 

The Leftovers Decide To Split The Vote

Big Brother 4-Matt Turner

Much later in the night, Kyle, Monte, and Turner discuss whether they should allow the votes to split or try to get the house to vote unanimously. This would allow them to hide their alliance. They rather quickly decide to split the vote. They just plan to deny that it was them who cast the vote against Ameerah. This would create more confusion and allow the blame game to continue.

Because of Turner’s speech and decision, the Leftovers were able to completely hide their alliance. Instead of any of them really getting the blame, the other side started to wonder if Indy, Alyssa, Daniel, and Nicole were snakes that were hiding in plain sight. 

Kyle, Monte, and Turner also discuss potentially exposing the fact that Alyssa told Kyle about Old Skool to Daniel. This would help continue to grow the seed that Alyssa can’t be trusted. It would also further that side of the house’s division. 

Kyle Tries To Breakup With Alyssa

Big Brother 24-Alyssa and Kyle

Alyssa was very upset yesterday. Yes, because of everything going on within the game, but also because Kyle was not-so-subtly trying to distance himself from her. He doesn’t want a showmance, and he especially doesn’t want it hindering his game. While talking to Turner, Alyssa confessed that she was upset about Kyle not talking to her.

Turner gave him some advice to tell Alyssa that while in the game, he just wanted to be friends. However, in the jury house or outside of the game, they could maybe explore a relationship. Kyle agreed that that was the best option. However, he wasn’t sure about how to go about it. He didn’t want to outright reject her because then he could lose his chance at getting good game info.

He also didn’t want her to turn on him and start targeting him. Eventually, Kyle and Alyssa talk about their budding showmance. He told her about not letting a romance ruin their games. Alyssa said she agreed but gave some pushback. She even mentioned other showmances that went far in the game.

Kyle did a terrible job firmly shutting down a showmance. Instead, their conversation became flirty and will probably continue to head down a showmance path. 

Big Brother 24-Ameerah

Monday in the Big Brother 24 house was quite eventful. If you have the time, I highly recommend that you start the feeds at about 12:50 BBT time to see all the drama that unfolds because of the Power of Veto Ceremony. We have a few more days before the next eviction, but right now The Leftovers seem pretty solid. We expect them to stick to their plan to vote out Ameerah.

Ameerah is also kind of too confident that she has the votes to stay. She may campaign to a few players, but probably not the right ones to change her fate this week. Indy, Alyssa, Daniel, and Nicole’s position in the house also got a lot worse because of this move. Also, apparently, the houseguests were told that the person not evicted this week doesn’t automatically win safety. This has led to speculation that the remaining player may get to pick a new Festie Bestie.

Did you get a chance to watch the day of chaos on the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds?

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