Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 8 Block Nominations (9/25/20)

Big Brother 22 has had seven out of the eight weeks with The Committee in power.  They have become one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother history. There are only two evictions away from making the final six together, a rarity in the Big Brother world. Usually, big alliances stay loyal for the most part but a player or two is lost before they reach their goal of final six, final eight, or whatever the case may be.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

The Committee has had a lot of distrust among their members, but no one is willing to be the first to pull the trigger on their alliance members, and also, usually, just when one player is willing to strike against another, an alliance member who has too much to lose by taking out an alliance member  becomes Head of Household. This was the case this week with Cody Calafiore as Head of Household. 

Cody is in the best position right now to win Big Brother: All-Stars. He just has to keep the blood off his hands. The best way to do that is to nominate two of the players that he’s not aligned with in the game, and that’s Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. Cody has one of the last easy weeks on Big Brother, because he doesn’t have to strike against The Committee and make anyone mad. Three non-Committee members remain in the house, so Cody can just nominate the two that he’s not aligned with by default.

Now if David or Kevin wins the Power of Veto, Cody finally has to show his card. For now, Cody will go the safe route of a Kevin and David nomination.

So did Cody stick to the safe route and nominate David and Kevin? Read below to find out.



Cody nominated Kevin and David. Tomorrow, the Power of Veto Competition will play out and we’ll see if Kevin or David can save themselves from the block.

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