Big Brother 22: How Will The Triple Eviction Work?

On Thursday, Big Brother 22 makes history with a triple eviction playing out live. This will be the first time a regular season of Big Brother US has had a triple eviction. Both seasons of Celebrity Big Brother experienced triple evictions, but they’re a little different as it’s usually done on the finale night. Big Brother Canada had its first triple eviction during season 3. It then had ones during season 5 and 6.

During Big Brother Canada, it plays out basically the same way a Double Eviction plays out. There is the initial eviction, and then the houseguests play in the Head of Household competition. The new Head of Household, instead of making two nominations, makes three. In Big Brother Canada, there is a twist where the Head of Household cannot play in the Veto competition, so the three nominees and three selected players play for the Veto. If the Veto is used, a new nominee must be named.

The houseguests not on the block then select one houseguest to save. The two houseguests with the least votes are evicted. This is how we would expect Thursday’s Big Brother: All-Stars eviction to go, but we don’t think that’s how this triple eviction will play out.

Normally, triple eviction episodes are the normal 40-something minute episodes, but CBS has given them two hours for three evictions. I believe that we’re going to have it play out like the normal double evictions, but three times. So we’ll see someone go to the jury, then we’ll see the first Head of Household competition, first nominations, Veto, and Veto ceremony, and then another eviction. Host Julie Chen-Moonves will say “but wait, there is more.” The houseguests will then have to play in another Head of Household, go through another nominations ceremony, Veto, and Veto ceremony. Then they will cast their vote to send a third houseguest to the jury.

They will play in the third Head of Household either late Thursday night or Friday morning, per their usual schedule. I think CBS will pick this route instead of the Big Brother Canada one because two HOH and two Veto competitions add the most excitement for a two-hour event.

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