Who got evicted on Big Brother on Monday and will not be moving on to the final four for season 17? We have the Big Brother spoilers from the special eviction airing on Tuesday night! Did our prediction about who went home on Big Brother (or off to Jury house anyway)come true?

Big Brother 17 – Johnny Mac and Vanessa scheme (CBS)

We’ve been waiting anxiously for the Big Brother 2015 special eviction on Tuesday night after the Live Feeds went down for 36 hours before the show. The last Big Brother spoilers we had from the Live Feeds teased us with a possible blindside vote flip in the works, and the anticipation has been driving us nuts to see if it actually went down!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Before the Live Feeds went down, the last glimpses we had of what was going on in the house led us to believe it was highly possible that Austin would be the one who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. Johnny Mac talked up Steve extensively and really seemed like he wanted to keep him in the game for his final two deal over Austin. However, he didn’t want Vanessa to think the idea was coming from him because it would make it look like him and Steve were too tight and too much of a threat.

From our point of view, it looked like Johnny Mac and Steve managed to work enough mojo between them that Vanessa decided she was willing to make the move to go after Austin. So she had a big talk with Johnny Mac that concluded with them basically agreeing it was time for Austin to go. Although appearing reluctant to Vanessa about keeping Steve, we think Johnny Mac actually got exactly what he wanted in the agreement to boot Austin in the next eviction instead.

Big Brother Live Feeds

However, the Big Brother Live Feeds will have been down for 36 hours straight by the time Tuesday’s special eviction goes down. That’s a very long time for things to change inside the Big Brother 17 house. Even so, we were still going to go with our prediction that it would be Austin who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. There is just NO excuse for anyone to take a showmance to the final four if they have any choice about it.

We were hoping to see John go back on any promises he gave to Liztin and vote out Austin this evening. Liz would vote to keep Austin, and then (hopefully), Vanessa would break the tie and get Austin out. Unless she chickened out about having three possible Jury members dead set against her (Austin, Liz, and Julia) and thought she could beat the showmance easier in the end than John and Steve. That really did not seem like a very wise move though… so we were hoping she would stick with the plan she made with Johnny Mac.

So who was kicked off Big Brother 17 tonight right before the final four?

Eviction Votes:

Very nervous, Steve says this is his dream and he thanks everyone for the great adventure. Austin actually promotes Life In Pieces in his speech and talks about how he is Judas and Steve is the boy and they are best friends. Okay Austin.

  • Liz votes to evict Steve
  • Johnny Mac votes to evict Austin
  • Vanessa has to make the tiebreaker vote, she votes to evict.. AUSTIN!

The showmance is over and Austin is evicted! He slams the door open as he exits and is obviously pissed as hell! Vanessa makes it ALL about her and is crying and wailing to Liz. Everyone kind of blows her off like what the hell Vanessa, you just did that, own the F*ck up to it!

Austin tells Julie he thought he was going to win the game and Vanessa scumbagged him. He says he fell in love with Liz. He says he didn’t plan that, he was there to help his entertainment career. Austin says Liz is the most important thing he will take from this. He’s upset that she just got blindsided too. Austin is barefoot because he really apparently didn’t expect he would get evicted.

Julie Chen announces it is time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest and the fans can award $25,000 to their favorite by voting at CBS.com/bigbrother now. So go vote!

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